Re-engage Your Dream

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Sometimes you step outside and what you see speaks to the writer heart in you and says, “Doesn’t this remind you of the story you’re working on? That mist in the distance over the mountains is where Willow is right now and she’s waiting for you there.”

If you have a dream, a passion, or a purpose for which you believe you were created, maybe you’ve experienced the tension between knowing and doing, between the thinking about doing something and the doing.

That’s where I’ve been this week.

Each morning, as I looked at the coming day, I saw the potential, the opportunity to work on my novel, Rewriting Destiny. I made plans to write, but I didn’t follow through. And it wasn’t for lack of desire or even for lack of time. It was for lack of trust.

I don’t trust my vision.

I don’t trust my ability.

I don’t trust the dream.

I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust myself to know that this is the thing for which God created me.

Perhaps you’ve been where I am. Perhaps you have a project or a dream or a calling for which you feel you are designed, but instead of pursing that with the passion God gave you, you question whether it’s what you truly should do. Maybe you withdraw from the dream and fill your time with other things, scraps and fragments of all the things you find to fill your time until there’s no time left for the dream.

And you can live with that. Or so you tell yourself at the end of the day when your dream remains untouched, your story remains unwritten, and your heart remains disengaged.

But then you wake up, like I did today, and the dream whispers to you. Maybe for you it’s in the circumstances of your life, or in the words of a friend, or, like me, it’s in the view right in your backyard.

Some may call it the muse. Some may call it inspiration. Some may call it kismet.

I call it God’s faithfulness and answered prayer. Because in the midst of filling my days this week with things other than writing, I had lengthy conversations with my Creator about what he created me to do, about my doubt, and about where my joy for my dream was.

Because I don’t want to live days filled with scraps and fragments of distraction after distraction.

And when you finally reach that point (yet again) where you won’t accept your disengaged resignation, you’ll experience moments that remind you of who you are designed to be. You were made for such a time and dream and purpose.

Later today, with this in mind, I will sit and write. I will walk into the mist over the mountain and find out what Willow is doing there. And I will share that with you on my Facebook writer page.

What will you do today to engage your heart and your passion and your dream?

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8 thoughts on “Re-engage Your Dream”

  1. My dream…. good question, I believe that might be why I am stalled at the moment. I am not sure what it is. 2 years ago and for most of my adult life I would have told you it was to become a parent. I wanted nothing more than to be a mom to someone or a couple of someones. I believed that when the time was right I would meet the right person and we would have those someones. I met the right person and we agreed almost immediately to start a family. However, that was not the greater plan. We tried for 6 years in every way you can imagine spending thousands of hours and dollars tied up in knots. We believed that it was not to be and then Harrison came along. We adopted Harrison in a not so usual way and he was ours 1 hour after he was born. My forever boy who I could not imagine I could love so deeply or completely. So now I am a mom to an amazing toddler. So what is my dream now after so many many years of longing, I am not sure. Writing this down though, has made me realize it is time to find another dream.

    1. Dreams come in seasons, don’t they? You have realized the dream your heart held for quite a while and that has brought you joy and purpose.

      But, yes, then new dreams become a part of our life’s landscape and fill other areas of our hearts.

      I adore my girls and all that God is doing in my life through them and with them, and in their lives, too. But my writing is another part of my being and my heart’s desires. It brings me a different kind of joy, and that feeds my soul in ways being a mother does not.

      I look forward to hearing what your new dream involves 🙂

  2. My Dream is for enough financial security to travel more often or even consider a career change at this stage in my life.

    Not an easy thing.

    1. It’s not an easy thing, but I believe in you. What kind of things would you rather be doing? I may be able to suggest a book or two to encourage and inspire you as you consider this change

  3. I’m going to try to start commenting directly here instead of through Facebook. 🙂

    I’m squarely in the middle of this right now. The writing dream is real, and yet I seem to do whatever I can to ignore it most days, outside of a few cursory thoughts I throw my story’s way. The thing is, I know I want to write, not to become famous (which is fleeting, as we know), but rather to express the stirrings within my own soul and perhaps point just one other person to things beyond our typical, mundane concerns. Really, whenever I do end up writing something, it’s far more therapeutic for me than it probably would be for anyone else.

    So, why don’t I do it more often? That seems to be the great question of my life right now, hah!

    1. I wish I could say I don’t understand your wrestling, but it is a daily occurrence here, too. In part I confess it publicly to create personal accountability and to consider what keeps me from writing (aside from the obvious, like being a homeschooling mama to two girls, one of whom has Asperger’s).

      But I am committing to myself to carve out moments and build my story word by word and in the margins. Yesterday, that involved writing down three characters’ names. Today, that will be writing a scene (or part of it) involving that character.

      I believe what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in her book, Big Magic. Our stories show up and want us to tell them. But if we ignore them for too long, they leave us for a more attentive writer.

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