Re-engage Your Dream

Sometimes you step outside and what you see speaks to the writer heart in you and says, “Doesn’t this remind you of the story you’re working on? That mist in the distance over the mountains is where Willow is right now and she’s waiting for you there.”

If you have a dream, a passion, or a purpose for which you believe you were created, maybe you’ve experienced the tension between knowing and doing, between the thinking about doing something and the doing.

That’s where I’ve been this week.

Each morning, as I looked at the coming day, I saw the potential, the opportunity to work on my novel, Rewriting Destiny. I made plans to write, but I didn’t follow through. And it wasn’t for lack of desire or even for lack of time. It was for lack of trust.

I don’t trust my vision.

I don’t trust my ability.

I don’t trust the dream.

I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust myself to know that this is the thing for which God created me.

Perhaps you’ve been where I am. Perhaps you have a project or a dream or a calling for which you feel you are designed, but instead of pursing that with the passion God gave you, you question whether it’s what you truly should do. Maybe you withdraw from the dream and fill your time with other things, scraps and fragments of all the things you find to fill your time until there’s no time left for the dream.

And you can live with that. Or so you tell yourself at the end of the day when your dream remains untouched, your story remains unwritten, and your heart remains disengaged.

But then you wake up, like I did today, and the dream whispers to you. Maybe for you it’s in the circumstances of your life, or in the words of a friend, or, like me, it’s in the view right in your backyard.

Some may call it the muse. Some may call it inspiration. Some may call it kismet.

I call it God’s faithfulness and answered prayer. Because in the midst of filling my days this week with things other than writing, I had lengthy conversations with my Creator about what he created me to do, about my doubt, and about where my joy for my dream was.

Because I don’t want to live days filled with scraps and fragments of distraction after distraction.

And when you finally reach that point (yet again) where you won’t accept your disengaged resignation, you’ll experience moments that remind you of who you are designed to be. You were made for such a time and dream and purpose.

Later today, with this in mind, I will sit and write. I will walk into the mist over the mountain and find out what Willow is doing there. And I will share that with you on my Facebook writer page.

What will you do today to engage your heart and your passion and your dream?

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