A Dash of Whimsy

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Whimsical is a wonderful word, isn’t it?

It’s fun to say and it’s an even better concept to practice – to incorporate into our daily lives. At its core, whimsical captures the essence of playfulness and unpredictability, and who can’t use a little bit more of that in their daily life?

Care to sit a spell?
(photo courtesy of Pexels on Pixabay)

There is a lot of talk these days about productivity, goal-setting, time-management and success, and these are important things. But in the midst of our more serious pursuits, let’s also make space for whimsy. If necessary, build unpredictable moments into your daily schedule.

While that seems the opposite of whimsical, think of it more as unscheduling some time in your day – leaving blank places in your schedule – so you can uncover the amazing in the midst of the ordinary. Allow yourself opportunities to embrace the playfulness you knew in childhood. Skip a few paces instead of walking. Sing a favorite song out loud right where you are. Buy a cup of coffee for a perfect stranger.

In your newly unscheduled times you might amble aimlessly around the block or linger a little longer at your favorite coffee spot. Maybe you’ll read one more chapter in that new book and find yourself energized by a passage you might not have read until some time later. Perhaps you’ll pull into the park you pass every day on the way home from work and enjoy the sun on your face.

Life is lived in moments. I pray some of your moments include whimsy today.

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