Consider This

Consider the difference you can make when stop and consider your potential.

Will you take a moment and consider a few things with me?

Consider yourself creative.

Consider yourself bold.

(photo courtesy of WelshPixie on Pixabay)

Consider yourself born for good works (good works that, if left undone by you, will not be done).

Consider yourself worthy.

Consider yourself courageous.

Consider yourself seen.

Consider yourself loved.

Consider yourself the answer to someone’s prayer.

It is too easy for each of us not to consider ourselves at all; to see our potential and the opportunities set before us.

Perhaps we’re simply out of practice of seeing our opportunities, because I believe they are all around us. But somehow, we see only the opportunities provided for those who are not us.

Consider yourself creative.
(image courtesy of Didgeman on Pixabay)

But what if while we are inventorying the opportunities – the blessings – of others – we overlook the ones given to us?

Consider once again that you were created for good works that you, and only you, can do. If you leave them undone, what then?

I pray you will see with a new perspective the path of potential waiting for you.

Because here’s the deal. You have the ability to change someone’s right now. You have the opportunity to walk boldly into this moment and create something that matters – a memory, a friendship, a joy, a connection.

So, as you consider the possibilities, and your potential, what happens next?