My Creative Life

Because our choices influence our attitude, I choose to embrace joy, creativity, love, and faith each day.

(this post inspired by Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)

A Journal of Days – reboot

Three years ago I started a Journal of Days. It was supposed to be a simple journal that allowed me to capture one or two moments from each day. But as so many journals I’ve started, eventually my commitment waned. The other day I uncovered the physical journal and decided to resurrect the practice of a daily journal to capture moments; a no-pressure journal experience meant to provide glimpses of joy and beauty in my days.

My family and I have been through many experiences and changes and challenges since I kept those first entries. But I am committed to showing up for these small passages of celebrations, wonder, and experiences because I want to to see God and creativity and love at work in my life. I want to see how we are growing and changing as a family and as individuals, and that includes me. And my writing.

Because my goal always is this: Creative Living.

Creative Living is for me a lifestyle that embraces joy and creativity and love and faith daily – in large and small moments. It is a life that embraces gratitude and a willingness to choose joy and to see what is possible rather than what obstacles might be on my path. A life where I create joy for myself and for my girls, by my example and my presence.

Autism and General Anxiety pose challenges that can at times overwhelm and even fell like a burden. Even so, they bring unexpected joys and build resilience (in me and my girls) and bring opportunities; they strengthen faith and a reliance on God and each other; they build our relationships with each other and God as we navigate our days and circumstances together.

Creative Living is also about embracing my writing and the deep joy it sparks in my soul. Even at its worst, my writing is an expression of something deeper than me, the something more so many of us seek in our daily lives. At its best, my writing brings light where darkness threatens. It inspires me, and perhaps others. It enchants and encourages and breathes life.

Writing is an opportunity for me to connect to the God of creation, who still creates beauty each day, and to create with Him in this time and place. The right now. The right now that exists where I am and connects to eternity.

Part of embracing Creative Living for me involves my three words for this year:

(photo credit: Tama66 on Pixabay)

With my words – written and spoken as well as those thought to myself as part of my self-talk – I aim to inspire and connect with: my family, strangers, friends and not-yet-friends, myself, my husband, and God.

I would love you to share your days and this journey with me. Tell me, do you journal? write? create? Where do you see beauty?