Slow Fade

Some words my girls spoke inspired me to explore the powerful image they created in my mind.

My girls regularly create, sometimes art, sometimes music, sometimes stories, sometimes chaos, always joy.

They create because they are present. They show up. And I am never less than amazed at what they create so boldly.

(perhaps one day, I will be more like my girls in my creative process)

But in reflecting on a saying they once made up, I found my thoughts circling around the image their seemingly simple words conjured up in my mind.

photo credit: PTNorbert on Pixabay

Though I cannot recall the exact wording, it went something like, “I hugged her, and hugged her, and hugged her until there wasn’t anything.”

Those words are powerful, the image they create intense. Those words nudged me to sit down and invited me to play with them. Here is the result of that brief playtime.

It’s raw. It’s rough. But words sometimes show up and ask me to spend time with them. Too often I demur, telling them I am too busy.

Today, I decided to take time and respond to the words that whispered an invitation to come and play.

May you, too, heed the whispers of your life for they are uttered by the One who calls out to us each day to meet Him in our work, our play, our joy, our sorrow, our hope, our fear.

The Slow Fade

I walk through my life, through yours;
passing, nodding, smiling. But
I am but mist, shifting and
reshaped and thinly veiled. I walk
behind this mask, seeking,
always seeking, longing, yearning
for something more. I walk
past you, nodding, smiling, but
I am fading, slowly losing my
hope, my presence, my
self. I walk; I walk, passing through
this life, like mist, unto dust without
shape, slowly fading, smiling. Always
smiling until there isn't anything left,
not even a mist of being.
photo credit: athree23 on Pixabay