It’s called Five Minute Friday. Where everyone writes for five minutes, all on the same prompt. Five minutes. No stopping. No editing. Just writing. And then sharing.

This week’s prompt is “TOGETHER.”

{And go.}

How is it possible that we have been together for 12 years (13 if you count the year before we were married).

So, really 13 years.

That first year, before we were married. You in Alabama. Me in Boston. Having only met at our friend’s wedding, we spent time together in writing. Some letters. But mostly emails.

Those emails were a courtship many will never experience in person. We were separated by distance. Physically. But we were together. In words. In expression. In our hearts’ desires.

We were free from the physical obstacles (though we knew the attraction that drew us together). Because we had only words, our hearts poured out honesty and truth and ideas without hesitation. There was no tangle of uncertainty. Together, we bridged a distance of miles and states with hopes, with dreams, with the things that mattered deeply to each of us.

We’d sat with Calvin, the three of us together at what we eventually dubbed “the patio table of truth.” The place where instead of small talk, we made soul talk. Soul-stirring talk that bared souls and pasts and wounds and truth. There was nowhere to hide. There was nothing simple or cursory. There was raw honesty that pierced my heart. And my defenses.

We left that night carrying each other’s hearts, each other’s wounds, each other’s brokenness. 

When I arrived home, the first email. My heart started beating again. The breath I’d been holding finally breathed out.

It hadn’t been a dream.

It hadn’t been just a mystical wedding moment.

It had been a supernatural encounter. With you. With us. 

With God.

The three of us. Together. It had been real.

That first email led to many. It led to long-distance, late-night phone calls. It led to a July 4th excursion to Alabama to see you. And meet your family.

It led to me moving to Kentucky so that we could be together as you started your doctoral program in music and we started our shared journey together.


Something I do not take lightly. Something I cherish. Something I still find wonder in.

That God had such an incredible gift for me. For you.

For us.

That he took the brokenness we carried away that night and redeemed it. Made it holy. Made it whole. Made us whole.

As long as we are together.

{And done.}


8 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. enjoyed reading this story. my hubby and i have spent some time apart after marriage and although i miss him desperately, i love the time to communicate via email, skype, etc… because words really are my love language. and today, our togetherness is defined by 10 – neat how together can always expand to include more, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you, richelle, for stopping by and taking time to read this.

      My love language is similar to yours. It is words and feeling heard. Feeling listened to. The written word especially speaks to that for me. At our wedding ceremony, one of the readings we included were excerpts from the emails we’d sent back and forth. And we had our friend, Calvin and his wife, Heather, read them. Almost as a recreation of me, my husband {David} and Calvin sitting at the “patio table of truth.”

      And I couldn’t agree more with the idea that our together can expand to include more.

  2. When we invite God into our courtship and marriage- it is amazing, isn’t it – how He fuses us together with a trust that is only born of Him:) Beautiful 5 min Friday – BTW – I might have said this before but I’m a Louisville girl now living in TN:) I think heaven must look like the Louisville countryside!

    1. blueconntonmemory, thank you for taking time to stop by and read my five minute friday.

      Louisville is beautiful country indeed. We lived for several years in Lexington and after many other moves, have settled with our family in the North Carolina mountains. God’s creation is breathtaking and inspiring.

      And, yes, God’s ability to fuse us together is amazing. And so incredibly necessary in a world where giving up and walking away is sometimes the seemingly easier choice. Despite our struggles at time, it is true that a strand of three cords is not easily broken. He makes all the difference indeed.

    1. Thank you, Shell, for stopping by and offering your encouragement.

      It is always good to hear from others and to be lifted up by their words. And your words are indeed a blessing to me.

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