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Today’s word: Truth

Sometimes I lose my way.

Sometimes I try too hard to do it all.

Sometimes I try to be someone I’m not.

Sometimes I just want to quit.

And in these sometimes times, I become a person I don’t want to be.

So I stop.

I am still.

I seek the One who can redeem my efforts.

I seek the One whose Truth will change this moment.

Sometimes it is in the words of his Word.

Sometimes it is in the beauty of a falling, floating leaf.

Sometimes it is in the way my girls’ joy and laughter surround me and lift me up.

Sometimes it is in the truth of my mistakes spoken by a 3.5 year old.

So I am still.

I wait.

I listen.

I hear.

I confess.

I rejoice.

I am made new.

I am redeemed.

And I am ready to move again.

To become the mama, the wife, the writer, the woman, the friend that God designed me to be.

I soak in his Truth of who I am.

Because I know I Am.

Because I am his.

And this Truth really does set me free.

Free to soak in the beauty and the joy and the grace that are all around me.

Free to try again.

Free to break free of the sometimes times that try to weigh me down.

I am free.


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