I am in a season of longing.

This includes a searching, a seeking, a desire. A desire for more. But not more stuff.

More wisdom.

More Jesus.

More community.

More discernment.

More delight.

More contentment.

More joy.

But there’s more to it than this.

It’s a longing. A deep longing that sometimes leaves me breathless.

I long to know my true heart’s desires. My passion. My purpose.

My God-given, God-gifted purpose.

I long for this for David, too. I long for David to discover his heart’s desires. For David to recover his dream, to recover his passion.

I long for David to be fulfilled in his daily work.

I long for David to know the promise of God, that there is nothing better than for a person to enjoy his work because that is God’s plan. God’s promise.

I long for David to know the blessing of God’s favor when God establishes the work of his hands.

And so, each day, when this longing comes upon me, I have a choice. I can choose to wish things were different. To wish I knew the answers. To wish I could change our circumstances.

Or I can choose Jesus. I can choose to trust him. I can choose to rest in him. I can choose to pray and seek his guidance.

For if he created me, if he gifted me, if he cares for me, then certainly I can trust him.

I can trust him to reveal his truth to me.

I can trust him to reveal his truth through me.

I can trust him to reveal the desires of my heart to me.

For if I delight in him, the things I long for, the desires of my heart, he will give them to me. They might not look like what I anticipate them to be. But because he cares for me, I can trust that they will be more than I can ever imagine or hope for.

Because if I pursue Jesus, the rest will come. The wisdom, the joy, the contentment, the discernment.

The dreams. The God-given, God-gifted dreams will come.


3 thoughts on “Longing for More

    1. Thank you for that encouragement, and for taking the time to read and leave a comment. I really like your thought about it being an amplified choice: we choose to love and God amplifies it. That is a wonderful description.

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