Because each day is a new beginning, I choose today to seek my heart’s desires.

Because God’s mercies are new every morning, I choose to live forward and not in yesterday.

Because today matters, I choose to live fearlessly. Boldly. Prayerfully.

Because today is all I am given, I will encourage others. I will love others. I will love myself.

Because this day brings it’s own worries, I will choose *not* to worry about tomorrow.

Because today is here, I will choose to be thankful for this new day. To be glad in it. To rejoice in it.

Because this day has many hours in it, I will choose to be present in the moments I am given with my children. With my husband. With Jesus. With my dreams.

Because this day is a gift, I will live with purpose. I will pursue community. I will work to recover my God-given, God-gifted dreams. My God-given, God-gifted reality.

Because this day falls in November, I will work on my #NaNoWriMo story with passion and abandon.

Because I have this day, I will celebrate my life. My blessings. My challenges. My needs. My struggles. I will see each of these as opportunities to grow in my faith.

Because I want this day to count, I will fight for my dreams. Fight to recover them. To put words to them. To declare them – to myself and to others.

Today I will live my best life and I will not focus on what I do not do, but on what I do. What I create. What I share. Who I am in God.

Because today the world needs what I can add to it. The world needs what I can offer. Because if not me, then who?

Because I am here for such a time as this.

Today, I am here for such a time as this.



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