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How it works: Write on one word for five minutes. No editing. {All the details for how to play along are here.}

Today’s word: Tree


A little over a year ago, my husband {David} and I moved our family from Plainville, Massachusetts {where we lived in an apartment} to Tryon, North Carolina {where we rent a house that is surrounded by trees}. We were searching for a place where we, like the trees outside the living room windows, could put down roots. For us. For our girls {who are 3.5 and 5.5}.

There have been many moments since moving here that I have wondered whether we made the right choice. But really, that doesn’t matter.

We must grow where we are planted. And trust God to work out all things together for our good because we love him and are called according to his purposes.

And so, I look out at those trees, especially in the early mornings, and I watch the way the rays of golden sunlight spread like a slow-moving fire from leaf to leaf.

I look out at those trees in the early mornings when they are coated in dew and fog and marvel at their beauty.

I marvel that they have grown and that they have roots that go deeper than we can imagine.

And I pause and I thank God that he can do more with our lives, no matter where we are planted, than we can possibly imagine.

I pause. I ask God to grow me deeper. I ask God to give us a place that we can be a family.

Right now, that is here, in North Carolina.

But always, it is together. And always it is always inside love. Ours for each other and God’s for us.

And for that, I am thankful.



5 thoughts on “Rooted in Love

    1. Thank you, Brandi, for your encouragement and for taking time to read and comment. May your day be filled with beauty and blessings.

  1. I completely agree! We are meant to grow where we are planted. I too wonder at times if I am where I was meant to be, but I remind myself that I am to grow where I am planted. thank you for sharing on FMF this morning. Good word!

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and comment, Rhonda.

      It can be difficult to focus on the promises rather than the worry; but when we are faithful in small things, God rewards us beyond measure or imagination. I pray that today you will grow deeper in your faith and be a blessing to others where you have been planted.

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