Today I was listening to What a Glorious Night on the Sidewalk Prophets Christmas album on Spotify and because I don’t have a premium membership, there are advertisements that play occasionally. This one was for Lowe’s, the home improvement store chain. It is, after all, the beginning of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, One-Day-Only, Buy-It-Now-Before-It’s-Gone selling season.

But I was struck by the tag phrase of the Lowe’s ad: Never Stop Improving.

And I found myself thinking that this idea – to keep improving – is one that works even better when applied to me more than to the house in which we live. Especially as we enter into the Advent season. Especially on this first day of Advent, when the journey to Bethlehem truly begins.

Of course, while I can prepare a way for the Lord in my life and I can be still and listen with my heart during this time of waiting, I really cannot do much to improve who I am without the help of the very One for whom I am waiting.

And that provides me the motivation I need to prepare a way in my life, in my heart, in my marriage, for the baby whose birth we will celebrate. The Savior who came into the world to reconcile our broken lives to himself. To heal the lame. To find the lost. To redeem the past.

To redeem our past. The choices we made we wish we hadn’t. The things we’ve said we wish we could take back. The messes we’ve created that are too big for us to clean up by ourselves.

This redemption is part of the promise. Part of the good news that is revealed in the baby’s birth. That all things will be made new.

And that is definitely something I can use, especially this year. It is something that my hurting marriage absolutely needs. To be made new. To be redeemed. To be made whole again.

As one who is broken, this is good news indeed.

As one who is walking in darkness, this is a light of hope.

As one who needs wholeness, this is an opportunity to keep improving.

And so I prepare a way into my life for the Savior.

My Savior.


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