My One Word for 2014 is delight.

And it’s a whole lot more challenging of a focus than I thought it would be. But today, I made the first of a series of printed signs to help me remember my focus.

a reminder

Because I need a visual reminder. I need to see the word in big, bold, bright print. Drawn by my own hand. So that my eyes are drawn to it throughout the day.

Because in case you haven’t noticed, life can disrupt your cozy ideal. You know, the one you create in the hazy warmth of your mind as you wake to the new day. The new day filled with possibility and potential and (as-of-yet) unblemished time.

And then life reminds you with the two small voices of your little girls that to live in delight you must desire it. You must search for it in the moments that fill the day. You must cultivate a practice of recognizing the extraordinary in the mundane.

For me, this part of keeping my eyes on Jesus during the storms of daily life. The daily circumstances that can disrupt dreams. The daily challenges that can interfere with perfect plans. My perfect plans. The perfect plans that do not really exist except in my mind.

And that’s okay. As long as I remember – Delight.

And so, now I have a visual reminder to seek out joy. To take pleasure in the small, seemingly invisible moments. To expect the sacred in the ordinary. To worship Jesus in the daily tasks, no matter how insignificant they seem.

Today is baby steps.

Today is heaping grace.

Today is small victories.

Today is delighting in watching my almost-four-year-old butter her own toast.

Today is delighting in the whispered, imagined stories of my almost-six-year-old.

Today is delighting in the sound of my husband getting up early to chase his dream.

Today is delighting in a song on Spotify that reminds me to slow down, to pause, to breathe.

Today is delighting in the canvas of color splashed across the sky as the sun came up and reminded me that God’s promises remain true. Even when life involves chaos and meltdowns and a frazzled mama.

Today is delighting in the sight of a blue jay hopping around on the ground enjoying the bird seed scattered out for the birds.

Today is delighting in hearing my girls giggle together.

Today is delighting in Jesus because he delights in me.

Yes, today, I will focus on delight.


7 thoughts on “Delight in My Day

  1. I’ve been poking around your site here, and love everything. I believe we have a lot in common. I have a huge passion for seeing marriages be strengthened. I started years ago with a seminar, I called “Love Your Husband.” I created a pack of cards called, “Love Your Husband Action Pack,” which I am currently trying to recreate. Prayers would be appreciated. This project has been lost on the computer at least three times over the years. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    1. I’m excited to hear that you’ve been looking around the blog, sharybary! Thank you for stopping by for a visit. And I love the idea of your pack of card. I hope that you are able to recreate them or rediscover them. Great idea!

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