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How it works: Write on one word for five minutes. No editing. {All the details for how to play along are here.}

Today’s word: Write…


Say what you want to say and let the words fall out honestly…{from Brave by Sara Bareilles}

Lately, I have not been feeling brave.

I have felt overwhelmed.

I have felt unsure.

I have felt afraid.

I have felt frazzled.

I have felt a yearning for something. Something more.

I have felt disconnected.

But I have not felt brave.

Despite my focus on the word moments or my newer focus on the word delight, I struggle to feel brave.

I still yearn for something more. Something beyond myself. Something beyond the ordinary.

Perhaps because I do not feel like me.

Something feels like it’s missing. And I am praying to find it. I am reading books to discern it. I am searching my heart to uncover it.

I am writing.

I am writing because in writing I find myself. I find my soul. I find that part of me that hides.

That part of me that wants to be brave.

That part of me that I have buried deep beneath circumstances and meeting needs and getting through the day.

Deep beneath fear.

But none of that is of God, is it?

And so I write.

I write to remind myself of the truth. The truth that is written on my heart. The truth that is written in my soul. The truth that God gave me even as he knit me together in the womb.

And so, I write.

I write to know myself.

I write to know God.

I write to inspire others. Hoping that they may know they are not alone.

I write because I am a writer.


5 thoughts on “The Writing on My Soul

  1. Lovely words! I saw your comment on my blog (poetsandsaints.com) and responded but didn’t know if you’d see it. So I came over here to your neck of the woods and wanted to say how much of an encouragement you are to me today. Keep writing. Keep being brave. Keep using your words to inspire others.

  2. Yes, very much relate to finding myself in writing. It is a painful act at times, but it is where we can find freedom. It takes a lot of bravery to write the real stuff. Commenting from Lisa-Jo’s linkup. Happy to have connected with you.

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