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Today’s word: Garden…


It all started in a garden. Love. Life. Beauty. Relationship.


It all ended in a garden. With tears. Pain. Crying out to God.


And here we are. Blessed. Redeemed. Loved.

So, what do we do with this? What can I do today that reflects all that has happened in the Garden?

What can I do to invite others into the Story of Love that beckons us every day? Every moment.

What can I do to make a difference today?

It’s Valentines’s Day. And that brings about wishes for relationship, for love, for hearts and flowers.

But isn’t it Valentine’s Day every day?

When we are in relationship with the One who created us for relationship, aren’t we always being pursued?

Pursued with love. Pursued with beauty. Pursued with passion. Pursued with desire.

Pursued from the heart of perfect love.

photo by M Nota on http://www.sxc.hu
photo by M Nota on http://www.sxc.hu

How, then, shall I live out this day? 

How, then, shall I love others?

How, then, shall I leak Jesus to the world around me? To my children. To my husband. To my neighbors. To strangers I haven’t yet met.

I love because of what happened in the Garden.

Both gardens.

There is the opportunity of incredible love because when we messed up the first Garden, God, being God, gave us a second chance.

He entered into our world. He entered into the Garden. Again.

And by doing that, he entered into our lives. He entered into our hearts.

He entered into the garden of humanity.

this idea of Garden comes from an audacious and #awesome idea that Lisa-Jo Baker shared this morning on her blog . I encourage you to click through to her blog post and get involved with her goal of raising $150,000 to fund the building of a Community Center for the Maubane community in South Africa.


5 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Judith- thanks for visiting today at the Vintage Housewife! I loved this from your post today… Pursued from the heart of perfect love. And so very thankful for it! Pursued from the heart of perfect love

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