No, really. It is.

Life with littles is crazy. But I think that’s normal, right?

As long as you are willing to give up the idea of perfection. The idea of being the perfect mama. The idea of being the perfect wife. The idea of having a perfect home.

Because you know what? I am perfect.

Perfect for the little girls that God has given to me to love and to nurture and to walk alongside on their path to becoming who God is calling them to be.

reading together. unexpected learning.
reading together. unexpected learning.

Perfect for the amazing, creative, flawed husband that God has blessed me with and with whom I have the opportunity to encourage, edify, pray for, pray with and sharpen and be sharpened by as stone sharpens stone.

And perfect home? Absolutely. Perfect in that it fits the chaos that is us. All four of us. The toys, the music composition papers, the computers, the books, the paintings, the drawings, the journals. It fits who we are right now.

What, that’s not how you picture perfection?

Me neither. At least not until now. I’ve had to learn to redefine what perfect looks like. And when you do that you notice all the little things. The gifts. The blessings. The perfection that is the world you inhabit. The perfection that is yours, not anyone else’s.

And that is okay. In fact, it’s perfect.

Because in this personalized idea of perfection, there are squeals of delight and long, hard belly laughs. There are sisters who sometimes bicker but are slowly learning how to make amends and extend forgiveness. There are toys scattered around that sometimes get picked up and put back in their place. There is joy in reading a new book or an old favorite.

There is unplanned learning. 

There is delight. Small joys. Incredible challenges. Overflowing love.

There are dirty dishes (constantly) and another meal, another snack, another need. There is messiness.

There is God.

There is what seems like chaos, but it’s life. Pure and simple. Life lived together. Life lived with God. Life lived with joy that outshines the frustrations and the dirty dishes and the unfolded laundry and the clutter and the mess.

sometimes creativity is messy
sometimes creativity is messy

It’s life with littles. And I wouldn’t trade it for the everything in its place perfection. Not right now. Not yet. That time time will come. Maybe.

Right now, it’s chaos and creativity and love and relationship. It’s celebration and blessing. It’s mess and clutter. It’s amazing and frustrating and filled with unknowns. It’s the sacred in the ordinary and it’s delight in the din.

Because it’s life. My life. My crazy, chaotic, joy-filled, one-of-a-kind, Jesus-freak, sometimes-freaking-out, perfect life.

And I love it. All of it.

It’s life with littles. Littles who won’t be little for much longer. So, pardon me as I go and embrace my littles and my life with them. We have life to share today.

Our perfect life.


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