dawn: the in between
dawn: the in between

It is the Sabbath.

Jesus has been laid in the tomb, the stone has been rolled in place to seal Jesus inside and a guard has been posted to make sure the disciples do not come under cover of darkness to steal the body.

This is all that we know about what happens on the Sabbath. We do not know where the disciples went once Jesus died except that they went into hiding. Perhaps they gathered together in the upper room. Perhaps they gathered together in the garden. Perhaps they scattered with some headed back to Galilee and their homes.

The Sabbath, the day after the crucifixion, is the in-between, a period of grieving, mourning, fear and hiding.

The day of in between.

The day in between his death and his resurrection.

The day in between despair and hope.

The day in between fear and boldness.

The day in between doubt and conviction.

The day in between deep sadness and euphoric celebration.

The day in between darkness and eternal light.

The day in between the Enemy’s victory and the Enemy’s defeat.

The day in between the grave and eternal life.

The day in between hiding and going forth.

The day in between whispering his name and proclaiming his name.

The day in between losing everything and gaining everything.

The day in between giving up and pressing on.

The day in between.

Yesterday, he died. Tomorrow, he will be raised from the dead.

But today, today is the limbo of in between. One of the most difficult places we find ourselves.

Today, in the in between, the disciples wait and wonder.


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