And so we are a week into the 40 days following Jesus’ resurrection. There is little account in scripture at this point about what the disciples did or what Jesus did. All we know is that there are 32 days from this moment until the Ascension of Jesus to the Father from the Mount of Olives.

What will you do with those 32 days?

Do you ever wonder what the disciples did during that time?

All we know for sure is that Jesus appeared to them from time to time. We know that part of that took place by the Sea of Galilee and part of that took place on a mountain that Jesus appointed for meeting with the disciples in Galilee. There is also record that Jesus eventually told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit that would come to them upon his final Ascension.

So what about all of the in between?

What about your in between? How will you spend the next 32 days of your in between?

Right now, my in between looks a little like this:

  • pray a familiar dear Jesus prayer throughout the day:

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for being God. You are awesome, bigger than I can imagine ,more wonderful than I can express. Thank you for saving me by your precious blood. I belong to you. You are in charge. Right now I choose you. Speak to me as I train my mind to think you.

I choose right now to praise you and give you thanks. {begin praises and thanksgiving}

  • write, because it is a part of the gift that God has given to me and somehow part of the dream, too;
  • panic, because I do not feel good enough {think Moses who begged God to send someone else, think Sari who laughed at the idea of having a baby in her old age};
  • write, because I trust God;
  • freak out because I feel like Peter and I need to go fishing because that is the most obvious thing to do because it is familiar and comforting, which for me is to pretty much just do the regular day-to-day things of being a Stay-at-Home-Mama;
  • cry out to Jesus, help me, am I doing this right;
  • decide to quit, to throw in the towel, to just give up, to let the enemy win;
  • come to my senses and fight a little harder;
  • meet Jesus in the Mount of Olives and reflect on who he is and what he has done and what he promises me and wait for the Holy Spirit.

Some variation of this plays out most days in my heart and my overwhelmed mind that wants to live out my life and my dream to the glory of God but then wonders if I am capable of doing that. This is pretty much what has always drawn me to Peter. I love his heart and I love his transparent love for Jesus. And, oh, how I love that he screws it up sometimes. But, oh, how he loves and trusts and steps out of the boat so often.


trusting Jesus can be difficult, but it is always worth it
trusting Jesus can be difficult, but it is always worth it

That’s what these 32 days are all about: loving and trusting and stepping out of the boat. Your dream is about taking one step, a step of faith.

Do you love me?

That’s what Jesus asked Peter as they walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. And Peter’s love was obvious. He was willing to follow Jesus wherever they would go. This time, he was ready to step out of the boat and keep his eyes on Jesus and ignore the storm.

Do you love me?

That’s all Jesus really wants to know of us, too. Are we willing to follow him wherever he leads? Are we willing to step out of the boat and to trust him? Really trust him?

We have 32 days left in this in between adventure.

How are you going to spend your 32 days?

Me? I am planning to spend those days with Jesus. To walk with him. To talk with him. To trust him. To follow him wherever it is that he leads me. I am planning to cast aside doubt and insecurity and walk on water with my eyes on Jesus.

He has cast a vision for me and I will not discern it if I am not in close relationship with him. I will not discern it if I am not willing to follow him and to heed his invitation: to step out of the boat, to step out in faith. I will not discern it if I am not willing to let him be in control.

How easy it can be to bypass that relationship because of my insecurities, my busyness, my doubt, my uncertainty and instead to flounder in the waves because all I see is the storm. Believe me, the storms will rage and the waves will swell and the enemy will taunt and take his best shots at you. But the resurrected Christ has already shown that he can calm the storms and defeat the enemy.

What more do you need to follow your dream than Jesus?

There he stands, just like he did for Peter, beckoning, inviting, waiting.

How long are you willing to keep him waiting?

We have 32 days, you and I, and I’d love to spend those days walking with you back to Jerusalem. I’d love to hear about your dream, your fears, your hopes and how you want these 32 days to go. Please leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s take this journey back to Jerusalem together, okay?


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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