For the past month and a half I have been walking with Jesus to Jerusalem and having met him by the Sea of Galilee, I am now heading back to Jerusalem with his disciples to wait for him there. As we’ve learned since last Sunday’s resurrection celebration, there is little information about what took place during the 40 days in between when Jesus left the tomb and when he ascended to his Father.

But, clearly the disciples had things that needed their attention, at least with day-to-day necessities. And, likely they needed to prepare for the great adventure to which Jesus had alluded when he talked about them carrying the good news about him to the ends of the earth. Who better for this mission than his original disciples? They have walked with him and learned from him, laughed with him and lived with him.

They know all about him, and they know him, deeply, intimately. And that matters quite a bit, especially if you’re going to share who he is with people who don’t know him, with people who have never even heard of him. Sharing your story about Jesus requires relationship, not only to the people to whom you want to share Jesus, but with Jesus himself.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget that.

It’s not good enough that I walked to Jerusalem with Jesus; I need to spend time with him still. Every day. And that is what these 40 days are all about for me, to continue my journey with him. Not just to Jerusalem, but to the ends of the earth. And I believe I can do that even if I never set foot out of the state in which I live.

My journey with him depends on spending time with him, in prayer, in reading about him in his Word and in worshipping him.

That’s why, this afternoon, I am choosing to make my nightly dinner-making process an act of worship. Worship, like love is an action word, and it is also a choice. I can choose to love. I can choose to worship. I can choose to glorify God and serve Jesus as well as serve my family as I cook dinner tonight.

even boiling water can be an act of worship. if I choose to make it so.
even boiling water can be an act of worship. if I choose to make it so.

You see, the late part of the day for me, as a Stay-at-Home-Mama, can sometimes be my biggest challenge. By this point, I am weary. I am tired of meeting the needs of others. And too often I come to the end of the day and the dinner-making process with a chip on my shoulder and bitterness ready to burst from my sharp tongue.

And you know what? I’m going to write these words from my heart. I’m going to share this glimpse into my life and into my day and tell you about how I am choosing to worship Jesus and then do you know what’s going to happen?

The Enemy is going to let me know how much he dislikes this idea. He’s going to prowl around my kitchen, nipping at my Achilles’ heel and he’s going to push the little things that can frustrate me so easily at the end of the day. Because that’s what he does when we draw near to Jesus or when we choose to make that relationship a central part of who we are and what we do. When we choose to put Jesus in the center of our daily life as well as in the center of our biggest dreams.

But I’ve made my advanced decision. I choose to focus on Jesus and to keep my eyes on him in the little things, like making dinner. Because I believe what he said, if one can be faithful in small things, one can be faithful in bigger things. And my goal is to be faithful with bigger things, with greater things: big goals and big dreams that will help change the world and bring glory to God in the process.

That’s what these 40 days are all about for me. This time is about learning to be faithful in small things, like making dinner, like folding laundry, like writing notes to friends and like being present in the moments with my girls.

being in the moment with my girls serves them and serves Jesus
being in the moment with my girls serves them and serves Jesus

This is about my choice, my opportunity to make these small things part of an active and real act of worship, because, to be honest, I’ve not done well with that in the past. And I believe that there are some incredible things rising on my horizon and I want to be ready for them.

I want to be faithful. And I am thankful that I still have 32 days to focus on getting ready for my amazing God-sized adventure by tending the God-given gifts I have been given.

So, what about you? What are you going to focus on for the next 32 days? If you need a push toward the dream that is beckoning you, consider joining Jon Acuff in his 30 Days of Hustle for the month of May. It’s a grand adventure and a great opportunity to practice the little things and prepare for the big things. I hope I see you on the Adventure. {the Jon Acuff link will only be active on his site for two days. So, what are you waiting for? Click the link now!}


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