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Five Minute Friday

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Today’s word: Close…


Darkness surrounds me and I close my eyes. Beside me, close enough that I can feel her every breath, my sweet six year old mumbles in her sleep. Restless again.

I close my eyes in desperation.

I close my eyes in exhaustion, yearning for sleep.

I close my eyes in prayer.

Jesus loves you, my darling
Jesus loves you, my darling

A prayer that comes out in the from of a familiar childhood song, Jesus Loves Me. It’s the song I have sung to each of my daughters from the moment I held them in my arms.

Except that I have always sung it as, Jesus Loves You.

And so, here, in the dark, in response to a difficult dream, to a night waking moment, I close my eyes and sing a prayer over my sweet girl:

Jesus loves you, this I know

for the Bible tells me so

little ones to him belong

they are weak but he is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves you,

Yes, Jesus loves you,

Yes, Jesus loves you,

the Bible tells me so.

I sing this prayer until I see the lids of her eyes flutter and close. 

And then, I sit a little longer there in the dark. Watching her. Watching over her.

Praying over her.

And I thank God that he is who he is and that he is in control. That he loves her.

That he loves me.

And for a moment, with darkness cloaked around me and God’s voice whispering so close to my heart, to my soul, I sit. I pause.

And I marvel at the fact that my daughter and I share this amazing love. That we share the same Father in heaven.

With my eyes closed, I bask in the Light of all that he is.



4 thoughts on “When Night Closes In

  1. its amazing how many soul stirring truths you can learn at dark thirty middle of the night terror a.m. … ahh motherhood? what is better. hope you can sleep easy tonight!

    1. You speak like a weathered veteran, Somer! And despite it’s challenges, this journey of motherhood is both beautiful and humbling and speaks God’s Truth to my heart in the quiet moments as well as in the crazy ones.

  2. Such an incredible thing to know that His loves unites the two of you. It’s a special bond that you can both share-both daughters of the King of Kings!

    1. And in the middle of the night, with my mind foggy with sleep and eyes not quite open, I love that God’s voice still speaks so clearly to my heart to remind me of his love for each of us.

      Thank you for reading, Jen. I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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