Writing Prompt:

“O, thou ever restless sea / ‘God’s half-uttered mystery,'” wrote Albert Laighton in his poem “The Missing Ships” (1878). While significantly fewer ships go missing nowadays, search teams have recently been pouring all of their efforts into finding the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The longer the search takes, the higher the likelihood the secrets inside the aircraft’s black box will be lost forever. This week write a poem about searching for a “lost ship.” Consider the ocean’s depth, the cleansing powers of its salt water, and the hopelessness of its vast magnitude.

{raw writing with no inner critic}

Overwhelmed by the waves, she sinks, the surface receding from her sight.

Her hopes, her dreams disappear with her beneath the surface.

She has energy enough to save herself or to save her dreams; she refuses to choose.

Because really aren’t they one and the same?

Aren’t her hopes, her dreams, isn’t that who she is, at least at her core?

So she thinks.

She does not think about the moment that her feet touched the water’s undulating surface, skimming its boundless edge, making her way to him.

Because he beckoned.

Because he called her out.

Called her out upon this scintillating sea that rises and falls beneath her feet like her breath.

And so she stood.

And so she walked.


Until the weight, until the wait, of her dreams demanded her attention, wanting her all.

Even as she breathed in the saltiness of the miracle.

Even as she lost herself to the moment.

The wait gave her pause.

The weight gave her cause to stumble, to lose her lightness on the water, to sink into the waves, swallowed by the vastness of it all.

waves on the shore

Another wave washes over her head and she sputters, fighting against the weight that threatens to take her down, deep below the surface.

Into the depths.

Into the darkness.


A hand reaches her, pulls her up, holds her there as she catches her breath and catches his eye.

Do you trust me?

Do I trust you? she asks herself as her breath falls into the rhythm of the waves.

Miles behind her the boat sits empty.

Do I trust you?

She lets him see her, scared, dripping, embarrassed. She needs to know how he sees her.

She needs to know.

About her dreams and where they are and what happens next, but.

But, all she knows is that her feet skim the water’s surface and his hand holds hers.

All she knows is that she did not drown.

All she knows is that he did not let her go.

Do I trust you?

He watches her. Lets her go.

And she knows.

It is not him who needs her.

It is not him who needs her answer.



10 thoughts on “Lost at Sea

  1. I used Hillsong’ s “Oceans” as the beginning song of Eric’ s funeral service. It’s not your typical funeral song but it has alot of meaning.

    1. That is a beautiful song and seems fitting for you and Eric as you said goodbye to him on this side of heaven. Still holding you in prayer, my sweet friend.

    1. I believe that Jesus is asking all of us to take steps of faith. Sometimes words are given to me and I write them and I share them and wonder how they will play out in the world once they leave my heart. That is my daily step of faith.

      What is yours?

      1. And that is why I am so excited for your journey and your story! I think that what you learn about yourself and your relationship with God is going to make your story better and give you more to write about, too. I’m glad I get to witness that process!

    1. Thank you, Catalinakel, for your encouraging words and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I appreciate the feedback.

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