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Five Minute Friday

How it works: Write on one word for five minutes. No editing. Then link up your post with the rest of the brave writers on Five-Minute Friday and encourage them by reading and commenting on what they’ve shared. {All the details for how to play along are here.}

Today’s word: Nothing


out of the darkness
out of the darkness

Thinking about it takes my breath away. The idea that there was nothing.

Nothing but the Spirit of God moving over the deep dark nothingness. And then.

And then, creation began.

From nothing.

From nothing but the whisper of God’s words, creating something from nothing.

Only God.

Calling me out of my nothingness, out of my darkness, out of my doubt, out of my fear.

Into his light.

Into existence, into life, into his presence.

Nothing but the Spirit of God moving through me, through my heart, through my soul.

Through my life.

Impeded only by my stubborn, stiff-necked, prideful, know-it-all attitude.

But, still.

From the stillness, from my stillness, there is life. So much life, given freely in Christ, who was everything.

My nothingness, my darkness, infused with everything: infused with life, infused with Light, infused with truth, infused with hope.

No more nothing.

But everything.

All the world my stage upon which to stand and to shine my Light and to proclaim his glory and his Truth.

To proclaim my story that comes because.

Because of his glory.

I am because.

Because I Am.

I am his. I am Light. I am Truth. I am loved. I am redeemed. I am somebody.

Because I am his.

Because his Spirit moved across the nothing that was me and breathed life into me.

Into the dust.

Knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

I stand because he fell.

I love because he loved more.

I live because he died.

I rise from nothing, from ashes, to become all that he saw in me in the time before time.

I am because Jesus lives in me.

I am.

Because I Am whispered life into me.

Each heartbeat an opportunity.

Each breath, a whisper of God in this world.



10 thoughts on “No Longer Nothing

    1. Thank you, Trish! I really appreciate your encouraging words about my writing. Love this FMF community.

      Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  1. Such a creative and rich post. I love this part: “I rise from nothing, from ashes, to become all that he saw in me in the time before time.” Great job with this post! Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I love to hear how the words I share speak to others, so thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. That was really …. I can’t think of the right word. Lovely doesn’t seem enough. I feel like I should come back and read it every day to really understand everything you wrote. Thank you.

    (visiting from FMF)

    1. Thank you, Melinda. I love the FMF community and I’m glad you stopped by today. Your words speak to my heart and I appreciate them more than I can tell you.

      Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

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