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Five Minute Friday

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Today’s word: Messenger



I don’t remember the first time I heard the phrase, faith is not taught, it’s caught, but it has stuck with me. I’m pretty sure it had to do with introducing children to Jesus and to faith, helping them to find their own faith, to have faith in him.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Faith is definitely something that has to be caught, to be discovered in our life in ways that best speak to our heart. Because faith is not logical. It’s not a head thing; it’s a heart thing.

And the idea that things like faith, love, hope, are not taught but caught remains steadfast in my mind and in my heart. And this applies to children, but it also applies to everyone with whom we come in contact.

We are all messengers. You are a messenger and I am a messenger. Our lives speak what we believe through our words, through our choices, through our actions.

Everything we do conveys what we believe, about ourselves, about others, about God.

We can convey love, joy, faith, boldness, courage, peace that passes understanding or we can pass on worry, fear, doubt, helplessness, hopelessness. It’s our choice what people catch from us.

Have you ever stopped and considered what message you are speaking with your life?

Have you ever stopped and considered that how you are living out this story of your life says volumes to others? What message are people catching from you today? What message do you want them to hear?

You are a messenger.

I am a messenger.

May we speak love, faith, hope, encouragement into the lives of those we meet today. Because it’s our choice, isn’t it? We cannot choose whether we are a messenger in this world, but we can choose what message we share with this world.



4 thoughts on “What Are People Catching from You?

  1. i think what you are writing about today is exactly why i love the middle english KJV word “conversation” which means “living together, having dealings with others, manner of conducting oneself in the world, to live with, keep company with, or most literally – turn about with. sometimes we focus on just words or just actions – but really – it is everything that has to do with how we conduct ourselves that speaks to people and points to Jesus!

    visiting from 5mf today.

    1. I love those meanings! And they speak to how our lives are the message the world sees from us and whether that message points back to Jesus.

      Thanks for your words and I’m glad that you stopped by from the fmf community.

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