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Five Minute Friday

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Today’s word: Lost…


Somewhere along the way, I’d taken a wrong turn and I had no idea where I was. I’ve always been directionally challenged, and so this turn of events was not all that surprising to me. But it was definitely frustrating. Driving without a map and only handwritten directions and in a time before cell phones where commonplace, somehow I’d missed a landmark or a turn somewhere.

I was lost.

photo by Patrick Hajzler
photo by Patrick Hajzler

When I spotted a UPS truck, I figured I’d simply follow him because eventually he’d lead me back to the downtown area. Logical, right? You’re right, it wasn’t logical. And it didn’t work. The UPS truck was heading back to his starting point and his route didn’t help me in the least.

So, I paused. I pulled over and took a deep breath. I was late and I was lost and I was annoyed and angry tears spilled onto my cheeks. After a few moments of quiet and some deep breaths and some much needed prayer, a sense of calm enveloped me and I began driving again. I headed back to my starting point.

I backtracked until I saw familiar landmarks and could regain my sense of direction and I began again.

Faith is like that sometimes, too, isn’t it?

You start moving in a direction that you are confident about and that you believe is leading you to the place God wants you, and, then, you take a wrong turn. You get lost along the way. And instead of stopping and checking in with the One who knows the Way, you start following someone else. Someone who looks like they know where they’re going.

And they do, they know where they’re going. But that isn’t where you’re supposed to be going.

Following someone else, hopping on someone else’s journey, comparing where you are with someone else. All these tend to do is lead your further away from where you are supposed to be going. They lead you further along the wrong path.

Sometimes, we need to stop. Just stop and wait. Just stop and breathe.

Just stop and pray. And then listen. Listen to the One who knows where we are and where we’re going.

Because we’re never really lost even though it feels like that sometimes. We’re never really lost when we’re with God, even if we have to pull over for a spell.



5 thoughts on “We’re Never Really Lost

  1. Yes! Sometimes we need to return to our starting point until things become familiar again. When my husband suffered from over a year of debilitating depression the only thing that got us through it was to continue to return to and speak what we knew to be true. Declaring the truth and promises of scripture and God’s love for us over our lives was our only defense in those dark days. Thanks for the important reminder.

    1. That is the crazy thing, isn’t David?? I know that He will never leave me or forsake me, but in the midst of being off the path and lost on my way, that information is the first thing that seems to slip my mind sometimes!

      Thanks for reading and for your encouraging words!

  2. I love this! I wrote about being physically being lost and my reaction to it as well. I was much less rational (then again, I was 7 lol). It’s a lesson though. It’s easy to see how we make poor decisions and freak out when we’re physically lost. But it’s harder to realize how we react when the we are spiritually or emotionally lost.

    1. Hey, Jen! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read and leave a comment. I haven’t read your post yet, but I’ll head over there by the end of the weekend.

      And, as you mentioned, when we’re physically lost, it’s pretty obvious and we tend to know it pretty quickly. But when we get spiritually lost or offtrack, we don’t always realize it and therefore get further off track before we correct the situation.

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