For the days that test my resolve and try to steal my dreams.

For the days that come that challenge my faith.

For the days when the enemy’s snares are greater than my trust.

For the days when the lies of the world and the voices in my mind are louder than the Voice of Truth.

For the days when I am tired from all the busyness and To Do items.

For the days that are one of those days.

For all those days that seem less than, this is my prayer. These are the words I will whisper in my soul, that I will whisper to God:

The day is done and my God has been faithful. That, by its very nature, makes this a good day.

Despite the uncertainties.

Despite the struggles.

Despite the sense that I could have done more.

Despite the part of me that continues to doubt or to fear.

God has been faithful. God is faithful.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Today is a good day.

Tonight is a good night.

God is faithful.

Surely goodness and mercy pursue me even now as I contemplate sleep.

Surely the promises and the blessings of God flow over me.

Surely God is my rock and my refuge and my safe harbor.

Surely God loves me.

Because God is faithful.

God is faithful.

And he loves me.

There is nothing else that I need right now. Nothing.

I am blessed because I am loved by the Creator.

I will rest in his arms tonight.

I will dream big in his arms tonight.

I will sleep well in his arms tonight.

God is faithful.

And I am his.



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