My prayer for this day:

Jesus, let’s make today about you. Help me to focus my eyes, my mind, my heart on you.sweet gum ball

Jesus, let’s make today about me and you, our connection, our relationship. I confess that I’m not holding up my side of the relationship but instead I am relying on you to do all the work. Help me to follow through on what we talk about. Help me to do the things you call me to do today.

God, help me to listen today, to listen to you and to listen for you. Grant me the wisdom and discernment I need to hear your voice above the world’s clamoring and above the enemy’s lies and above my doubts and fears.

Jesus, invite me to be still with you today. Remind me to seek you when life’s stormy circumstances rise up around me.

Jesus, help me to know you more. Not just know about you. Not just know what I think you expect of me. But to know you in my life, to see you in the moments of today. In the glint of sunlight through my bedroom window, in the ringing laughter of my little girls, in the music that fills my home and my heart.

God's beauty

God, grant me your peace that passes understanding as I face down fear and worry and doubt, which add nothing to my life but steal the joy and abundant blessing you offer me.

Jesus, let’s make today a day filled with thanksgiving and praise in every circumstance, in every moment.

God, let me delight in you today so that the things of the world grow dim in the Light of you and your love for me.

Jesus, remind me as I parent my girls that they are yours, that you gave them to me as a gift and a blessing to care for and disciple in this world and to point them toward you.

Jesus, let’s make today a day of grace and forgiveness for others and for myself.

Jesus, let’s make today about bringing you glory.

Jesus, let’s make today about you. Let my life reflect you. Let my life be a vessel for your unconditional and mighty love for the world.

Jesus, for today, let there be more of you and less of me.

I know I cannot do this without you, Jesus, so I call upon you and I confess my need of you and I claim your promise that these things are possible with you. Walk with me, Jesus, out into this day and let’s make today about you.



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