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My friend, Arabah Joy is starting a new weekly link up in a space she and five of her friends have dubbed, #The Loft. I am excited to be a part of their inaugural link up, and invite you to come along and join the community. It’s a great place to connect.

This week’s prompt: I am…

Life is busy and demands so much of us, doesn’t it? Our energy. Our focus. Our time. Our talents.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the midst of all the tasks and demands and items that need to be added to or checked off of lists, I feel swallowed up by the frenzy. I realize that I am losing fragments of myself throughout the day. I am broken. I am pieces of a whole. I am in need of a breath.

And so I take a detour from the harried, sometimes hurting, hurry of life. I pull up a comfortable, cushy chair and sit in the presence of God.

It is here that I am reminded that life is a gift.

It is here that I remember that life is not a competition, that it’s not about accomplishments or checklists or what I do.

It is here that I remember that life, this one, precious, fragile life that I have been given, is about I Am; the One who made me and the One who whispers my name in the storms as well as in the silences. And when I sit with Him, he reminds me who I am.

I am…

…unruly curls and a penetrating gaze.

…homemade pizza on a Friday night with my girls and my husband amidst a swirling chaos of giggles and constant chatter and untethered movement and joy-filled abandon.

on the shore…Rhode Island beaches in summer and winter watching the waves chase each other to the shore and dining on lobster, steamers, shrimp and conversation.

…words and stories shared and private, sometimes shouted, sometimes whispered, sometimes spoken, sometimes written, always evolving.

…the likeness of God in the world.

…a New England girl drawn to the ocean for its rhythm and its vastness and its mesmerizing beauty.

…a daughter of the King.

…a broken piece of clay in the Potter’s hands.

…love, peace, joy, grace and forgiveness but also anger, envy, sadness, fear, bitterness.

…lists and expectations and To Dos and unexecuted plans and whimsy and spontaneity.

…a not-so-perfect wife who continues to pursue God and love her husband with as unconditional a love as Jesus loves her when she is able to get out of His way.

sisters…a mama who strives to love her children well and guide them gently through the winding paths of growing up and who falls on her knees before His throne and seeks God’s grace when she has muddled mama moments with her humanness.

…a recovering perfectionist and enthusiastic idealist.

…Boston subways and the Public Garden, free concerts and Park Street Church, crowded streets and amazing food, deep-rooted friendships and edifying Small Group meetings, crazy adventures and midnight conversations, healing moments and angel statues.

…a God-sized dreamer who eagerly anticipates what God can and will do with the mustard seed faith she offers Him with open hands and an open heart.

…a homeschooling mama who is excited to follow her girls’ ideas, wonder, curiosity and giftedness and then blinks and wonders if she’s out of her mind.

…a Northern girl with a Southern soul who married an Alabama man and moved to the South and embraces all that means except the bugs, which are bigger here.

sweet pea…a lover of books who covets the days she spends in pajamas and bed with a good story, good food and a glass of wine.

…a visual writer who sees scenes from her stories play out in her mind like a movie.

…a lover of the way a film tells a story without dialog.

…mistakes and missteps and consequences and wisdom and lessons learned and life lived without regret.

…loved just as I am and invited by the Creator to become who He created me to be.


16 thoughts on “Just As I Am

    1. Hi, Cate! It’s nice to meet you, too! And thank you for your wonderful encouragement. I look forward to getting to know you better at The Loft 🙂

  1. Nice to meet you (also via the Loft)! For respite I often drive a few miles from our house to look out at Lake Michigan. Soothes my soul! I have moved more times that I would care to recount, and so thankful God has placed me only a few miles from the Lake. It’s not the ocean—but it is a similar effect. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! It’s nice to meet you, too. I’ve heard that Lake Michigan has that effect because it is vast and you cannot see the other side. Water is definitely a soothing element, but my first choice remains the ocean.

      And, we, too have moved way more than I care to recount! Several states and several places within states. We are hoping to get some roots down in the near future!

      Looking forward to reading more from you and getting to know you in The Loft.

  2. Hi, Judith! 🙂 I’m stopping by from The Loft for a visit. I, too, am drawn to the ocean, although like Kathy, I hail from the Midwest. I really appreciate how you drew us into the “I Am” to help us understand who we are. That’s really where it begins, isn’t it?
    Jen 🙂

    1. It’s nice to meet you, Jen 🙂 There is definitely something about the ocean, isn’t there, that draws us to it? Thank you for your encouraging words. I look forward to getting to know you as we meet up in The Loft each week!

  3. Can I just come hang with you? I’d love to be {IN} your photo!!! I’m a midwestern girl “drawn to the ocean for its rhythm and its vastness and its mesmerizing beauty.” {and this presents a tiny problem for me at times…} 🙂

    Glad you are hanging out at #TheLoft with us!!!

    1. Leah, thank you for stopping by and for hosting The Loft! I am looking forward to the community that you all create there and I look forward to getting to know you, too.

  4. This is wonderful, my friend. You have stirred longings and beauty in my heart reading your words. Thank you, thank you for sharing! By the way, your website looks great! It has filled out so much from a year and a half ago! I’m excited for you and your writing space!!

    1. Thank you, friend. I appreciate you and your words and am grateful to be back in community with you. You are gifted with words and gifted as an encourager. I look forward to this new adventure with you!

  5. I’m so glad to “meet” you here! Several things stand out to me – a northern girl transplanted to the south – we have so many family members from the south and it’s “home” to me, despite my mid-Atlantic locale. And “recovering perfectionist”…that’s in my ‘About’ page, too. There are so many beautiful nuggets of truth in your post here. Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to continuing to get to know you!

    1. Thank you, Rebekah, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m excited about the The Loft link up and look forward to getting to know you, too!

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