{this post is part of Five-Minute Friday at Kate Motaung’s site, Heading Home}

What it’s all about: It started with Lisa Jo Baker as a way of encouraging each of us to find five minutes and spend it writing. It grew from there. It’s now a community of hundreds of bloggers who write and link up their posts and it is a lot of fun. Basically, w write on one word for five minutes. No editing. Then link up your post with the rest of the brave writers on Five-Minute Friday and encourage them by reading and commenting on what they’ve shared. {All the details for how it works are here.}

Today’s word: Fill


They’ve been on the move for a little over two months and now they stand in the Desert of Sin grumbling. Yearning to be back in Egypt. Complaining to Moses and to Aaron that at least in Egypt they sat around pots of meat and bread and had their fill of things to eat.

But as Moses points out to the Israelites, they’re not actually grumbling against Moses and Aaron; they’re shaking their fist at God. They are voicing contempt and anger and doubt and fear and everything that comes with being on a journey into freedom. On a journey to a dream.

sunriseThey have stood at the shore of the Red Sea and watched God move around them, before them and behind them, to part the waters and let them walk through on dry ground. They have followed Him as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of smoke by day. He has brought water forth from a stone.

And, still, they stand in the middle of the Desert of Sin filled with doubt. Faithless. Afraid.

And in the face of their faithlessness, He is faithful.

He rains down from His heavens manna and quail. He sends them the bread of heaven. He sends them what they need with one caveat: take only what you need. In other words, Trust Me.

But do they?

Do I?

In spite of the Bread of Heaven that bought me and reconciled me to my Father in Heaven, do I heed His words?

When the manna shows up, the Israelites race outside and collect their fill. But some, despite the warning, take more. And their more turns into squirming maggots and foul smelling rot.

Jesus' crucifixion by 5 y.o.And I wonder to myself, how many times have I done the exact same thing? Fended for myself despite the blessing poured out on me and the promise given to me. How many times have I raced out ahead of God, taking more than He offered me in that moment.

It’s time to trust Him.

If you’re on a journey, if you’re building a God-sized dream {because really there’s no other kind to build, is there?}, then it’s time to trust Him.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to trust. It’s time to let Him fill you with His presence, His promises, His peace.


{painting of Jesus’ Crucifixion by my 5 y.o. showing Jesus carrying his cross, the shadow on the ground and Golgotha in the distance}


4 thoughts on “Just What I Need

  1. I’m so thankful to have found your post on Kate’s site. Thank you for your beautiful writing and the ever more beautiful reminder to trust in God’s faithfulness.

    1. Hi, Erin! I’m so glad you stopped by from fmf at Kate’s blog! Thank you for your wonderfully encouraging words. I appreciate you, my fmf friend!

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