Today is a day when I feel like I need control and the idea of surrendering my life to Jesus, all of me to all of Him, is a struggle. {okay, so this is probably every day and not just today.} But the incredible irony remains: I already know that my control and my efforts don’t provide lasting solutions. In the moment, they make me feel better because I am doing something, but the reality is that my efforts bring limited relief to my circumstances.

I’ve been led to believe at times in my life that trusting God, relying fully on Him, is a fruitless endeavor. Faith is fine, people advised me, but God helps those who help themselves. And another time, Do you think God’s going to pay your rent? And still other times, Faith, trusting God, is a crutch for people who are too weak to stand on their own two feet. I was younger then, in age and in faith, and such words seemed true to me.

flutterbyIt’s only recently that I no longer take insult at this last statement, that faith is for people who are weak. I am too weak sometimes {perhaps all the time}; and that tends to be when I am more likely to surrender all of me to all of Jesus. And that tends to be when I am made strong in God’s mighty strength. And that tends to be where miracles happen. Where the God of the Universe provides means when I cannot. Like the friend who paypal-ed me $300 when our bank account was in the single digits. Or the gift of vegetables from a friend’s garden. Or the phone call that comes when you feel alone. Or the text message that speaks the Truth your heart needs to hear.

And, so, today, despite my strong desire to wrest control from Jesus, I choose to surrender it again and again and again. I choose it from one moment to the next. I choose to abandon all of me to all of Him. To let His strength be mine. To let His peace spread through me. To let His ways guide me. Because His ways are not my ways.

They are better.

And as I choose it again and again and again, I’m also realizing that the desire to surrender grows stronger in me.

Because it’s not just about the surrendering, you know? It’s about the knowing. About knowing Jesus more. About knowing His ways. About knowing what matters to Him. About knowing what His plans are for me. The only way that I will make any real difference in this world is if I embody all of Jesus in my small parts of the world. In my family, in my community, in the places I go and with the people I meet.

What are the plans you have for me?

In a world that is struggling. In a world that is being torn apart by hate and hurt and persecution and evil. In a world that is spiraling out of control.

What are the plans you have for me? What can I do today to make a difference in the world? In Your world?

When I first decided to pray this prayer, I counted it as dangerous. But in just the few days since then, I’ve begun to realize that the danger is not in the surrendering control but in the self control. I’ve come to realize that the danger is in not knowing Jesus intimately rather than in the knowing Him more.

I had no idea that surrender would bring power and strength and peace. And that, really, is where the irony lies, isn’t it?



3 thoughts on “The Power of Surrender

  1. Surrender and dependency are the first two core values of our church. They are also the ones I struggle with the most. I mentioned before that I default to doing everything on my own. It rarely works for me and if it does, it always comes with great stress. Thanks for your powerful words.

  2. So true. I have a big sign on my wall saying “surrender”. It often is so hard to just let go of control and let God work. We always have those thoughts in mind “BUT I have to…..”. Surrender has been the most struggle for me as well as the biggest blessing. Thank you for a great post.

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