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Today’s word: Tell…


Nothing makes me want to steal back my surrender from Jesus than money worries. I can cast many a care on His shoulders. But when it comes to our finances? I’m a bigger control freak than my usual control freak-ness {that has to be a word}.

You know, I spend a lot of time these days reading through God’s promises and I am storing them in my heart for sure. But that doesn’t change my natural inclination. Not yet anyway.

Yes, I am a new creation.

Yes, greater is He who lives in me than he who lives in the world.

Yes, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

God's beautyYes, I do not have to worry about anything; just look at the beauty of the flowers and just check out the birds who have everything they need.

Yes, I know these things.

Yes, Jesus tells me so.

And, yes, I even tell others; I remind them to lean on Jesus, to trust him, to surrender all of themselves to all of Him.

These are things I know and believe and practice. Most of the time.

And then, finances become too tight, strained; emergencies crop up and car repairs lay claim to money intended for other things.

And I find myself telling Jesus, if I can just….

I tell him, I’ll figure this out….

I tell him, don’t worry about it….

But, really?

I can’t figure it out.

And even more, I don’t want to. My attempts to figure it out haven’t worked to this point. My attempts to control my life have led consistently to mediocrity and disappointment and a lack of peace.

But when I stop and remind myself of the Truth. When I listen to the promises He whispers to my heart. When I tell myself that God’s faithful in spite of all of my mistakes and attempts to control things. Peace. His peace.

tranquilityHis peace invades my heart and my mind and my strength in ways words cannot capture.

His peace takes away the pressure in my chest, the furrow in my brow, the worry that weighs me down.

His peace. Peace I cannot explain and do not understand but accept completely.

His Peace. His Promises. His Strength.

Mine for the asking. Mine when I tell him, I surrender all. Mine right now.



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3 thoughts on “A Peace-filled Surrender

  1. Judith, I loved your words today. They touched my heart and reminded me that i too am happiest when I surrender all over to Him. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Judith, I felt the peace wash over me as I reached the end of this post. Yes, yes. I’m with you in all those things we tell ourselves, somehow still eluding peace. It’s the practice of telling ourselves to listen to the whispers, and then, the surrender, that leads us from “telling” to TELLING. Thank you for this.

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