Writing Wednesdays & A Writing Sprint link up

Because I’m a writer & storyteller and enjoy weaving words together into tapestries of stories both real and imagined, I’ve dedicated Wednesdays to my creative writing. I am currently working through the revision of The Dream Quest, a story about a young man named Daniel who embarks on an incredible quest based on a series of dreams he has involving people he’s never met but am not ready to post anything new at this point.

So, I’m playing along on the Writing Sprint Prompt this week.

As always, the Writing Sprint prompt appears at the end of this post and offers an opportunity for you to freewrite for 15 minutes without the so-called help of your inner critic. No overthinking. No stopping. No editing. No worries. No inner critics. Daily writing exercises help writers grow, improve and free their writing. The only rule is that you must leave a comment for at least one other writer who’s included their link. That’s it. Other than, free yourself from your doubts, your fears and your inner critic and have some writing fun with us!

{oh, and a quick p.s. If you’re joining the link up, please grab the Writing Sprint logo below and include it on your blog post, along with a link back to this page. Thanks!}

laptopWriting Sprint Prompt: Oh, no!

before I get started, I will say that in order to maintain the 15-minute rule, I have created a playlist on Spotify that allows me to put together three or four songs that come close to 15 minutes. When the final note plays on the last song…I stop writing.


Gabby rushes through the door of The Seaside Grille & Pub flush with excitement and spots Marcus almost immediately. He sits at a table near the bar sipping a local craft beer and alternately looking at the big-screen television and the door. Gabby can barely contain herself as she arrives at the table.

Before starting her tale, she flags down the bartender and orders a Miller Lite, much to Marcus’ chagrin. She ignores his obvious eye roll and grins broadly at him.

“So, guess what?” she says. “You’ll never guess, but guess. Guess, guess, guess what happened today.”

Marcus takes a long drink of his beer taking her in, the way her cheeks flush when she’s excited, the few stray curls that seem to have a mind of their own, curling against the rest of her hair, the color of her eyes and he wonders again why he introduced her to his best friend, Frank.

“Do you want me to tell you?” Gabby asks. “I should just tell you because you’ll never guess.”

“Does this have anything to do with Frank?” Marcus asks.


Marcus stares at her and notices a slight change in her, as if the mention of Frank’s name has deflated her a little. He takes another long drink of his beer and when the bartender drops Gabby’s Miller, he orders another.

“Maybe you should just tell me,” Marcus says.

Gabby takes a breath and digs through her bag. “Hold on, it’s in here,” she says. As she rummages through her seemingly bottomless bag, she pulls out bits of paper and other trinkets and begins piling them up on the table between them. “Seriously,” she says, “it’s in here. You are not going to believe it.” Her smile widens as she plunges her hand into her bag again.

Marcus scans the growing pile as he lifts his beer. Suddenly, he freezes, his eyes glued to a single piece of paper in the growing pile between them.

“Finally! Here it is,” Gabby says. She thrusts an envelope toward him.

Without taking his eyes off the piece of paper at the bottom of papers and trinkets between them, Marcus takes the envelope. “What’s this?”

“Open it,” she says. “Open it, open it, open it. Hurry. You’re not going to believe it.” She takes a dainty sip of her Miller Lite and waits with wide eyes.

Marcus pushes back the urge to kiss her.

He places the envelope on the table, near the pile between them and lifts the flap, slowly and carefully pulling out the paper and photo inside. As he slides the contents out, he takes a glance at the television at the bar. “The Red Sox lost to the Yankees? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Gabby turns toward the television for a brief moment, giving Marcus the opportunity to slip the crinkled blue paper out from the bottom of the pile and conceal it in the palm of his hand as he takes a long look at the photo in his hand.

“Where was this taken?” Marcus asks hoping to hide his disappointment.


This Week’s Writing Sprint: Oh, no!

Create a scene between two characters who matter to each other {significant others, mother & daughter, other significant relationships…} who are having a pretty intense conversation when one of them notices something or someone in their peripheral vision and that they feel compelled to hide from the other person. What does he see? Why is it important to him? Does he manage to hide it successfully?

Give us what you’ve got with as much detail and dialog as you can muster in 15 minutes. And most of all, have fun. Free your writer from your inner critic. When you’re done, come back and link up what you’ve got! And remember to give some encouragement to at least one other person in the link up community. You can post to the link up party until next Tuesday night. Hope to read you there!


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