Writing Wednesdays & A Writing Sprint link up

Because I’m a writer & storyteller and enjoy weaving words together into tapestries of stories both real and imagined, I’ve dedicated Wednesdays to my creative writing. As my current work-in-progress lingers in edits, I am working through the Writing Sprint Prompts to keep my writing muscles from getting lazy.

As always, the Writing Sprint prompt appears at the end of this post and offers an opportunity for you to freewrite for 15 to 30 minutes without the so-called help of your inner critic. No overthinking. No stopping. No editing. No worries. Daily writing exercises help writers grow, improve and free their writing. The only rule is that you must leave a comment for at least one other writer who’s included their link. That’s it. Other than, free yourself from your doubts, your fears and your inner critic and have some writing fun with us!

{oh, and a quick p.s. If you’re joining the link up, please grab the Writing Sprint logo below and include it on your blog post, along with a link back to this page. Thanks!}

laptopWriting Sprint Prompt: No Ideas, But in Things

{Before I get started, I will say that in order to keep my writing within the 15 to 30 minute time, I have created a playlist on Spotify that allows me to put together songs that come close to 30 minutes. When the final note plays on the last song…I stop writing}


Not Today

Jenna locked the door, checked it once, then again, and then again before moving quietly into the living room. Remaining as much of a shadow as she could in the dimly lit room, she moved from window to window, closing the blinds and backing her way back to the middle of the small, one-bedroom apartment.

More roughly than she intended, Jenna displaced the cat from the sofa and sunk into its overstuffed cushions, her tiny form swallowed up by the navy blue pseudo suede fabric and with a swift motion, she kicked off her black pumps, squeezed herself into the corner with the pillows ad pulled her knees in tightly to her chest until she was as small as she could make herself. With each deep breath she could smell the cigarette smoke that clung to her hair and her clothes from the coffee shop.

The cat meowed indignantly from his place on the area rug by her head. With a shaky hand, she scratched him behind the ears for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “Forgive me?” With several short, quick kissing sounds and a few pats of her hand on the cushion beside her, she coaxed the insulted tabby onto the couch with her.

Her hands still shaking, Jenna shoved one under the pillows beside her and smoothed the cat’s fur with precise, deliberate strokes. After several moments, she twisted the loose-fitting watch around on her tiny wrist and squinted at the pale blue face. Ten-twenty-seven. She brought the watch up to her ear, then, after another moment lowered it and rubbed the crystal with her thumb.

Outside her third floor apartment door a floorboard squeaked. She and the cat responded likewise – heads and eyes darted to the door. Jenna rubbed the watch face harder and squeezed her knees tighter into her body. Slowly, her hand shaking even more, she reached up for the lamp switch on the table beside her and with a quick turn everything went dark. She hugged the cat closer despite her protests and peered into the darkness, her eyes glued to the door and the bolts.

Another squeak and then heavy footsteps. She squeezed the cat, stroking her with quick, short movements while she squirmed to free herself. The footsteps faded away, down the hall and then down the stairs, their echo beating loudly in her ears in time to her heart. Finally, Jenna released her hold on the cat who jumped to the floor, her tail flicking left and right to signal her indignation as she sat and licked at the fur Jenna had been patting. Jenna sat statue still for several long moments focusing on each breath, a thumb lightly touching her watch before reaching up to the lamp and clicking the three way bulb onto its lowest setting. The cat blinked up at her.

Jenna looked at the pale blue watch face. Ten-thirty-six. She took one final deep breath.

“Not today,” she whispered to the cat. “It won’t be today.”


This Week’s Writing Sprint: No Ideas, But in Things

Write a very brief story told only in images – concrete, simple, visually efficient movements and details. This exercise does not ask you to eliminate people from your prose, just to watch what they do and what objects they crave and caress rather than what they say or think about these objects or actions.

Give us what you’ve got with as much detail and dialog as you can muster in 15 to 30 minutes. And most of all, have fun. Free your writer from your inner critic. When you’re done, come back and link up what you’ve got! And remember to give some encouragement to at least one other person in the link up community. You can post to the link up party until next Tuesday night. Hope to read you there!


3 thoughts on “Writing Sprint: Telling It with Things

  1. I loved the way Jenna played off the cat. I could certainly feel her anxiety in all the little details. I’m curious to know more about her situation. The ending was cryptic enough. 🙂 Excellent stuff here!

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