Tonight, I am thinking about my beautiful and amazing 6.5 year old little girl. I am thinking about who she is and whose she is. I am thinking about how God knew her long before I did. In fact, He knew her long before I came into the world. He knew her strengths. He knew her challenges. He knew her gifts and her strengths and her heart because He placed all of them in her when He created her.

baby BAnd He knew that she would enter my life when she did, how she did and He knows who she will become.

He trusted me with His precious creation, His precious daughter, His masterpiece.

He knew that we would be the right fit, she and I. That we would challenge each other, but that we would love each other fiercely. He knew how much of me to put in her to help me work out my flaws, my weaknesses, parts of my brokenness. He knew that iron sharpens iron and so He gave us each other to serve that purpose in our lives as we serve one another in love.

She is only 6.5, but she is resilient and she is courageous and she is fragile and she is timid. And she is mine to watch over and to guide and to protect and to disciple.

She is a priceless gift for whom Jesus paid the highest price.

She is created in His image.

He knows the number of hairs on her head and He knows the words she will speak and He knows what she needs even if she has no idea how to express it.

And she is mine to guard and to shepherd and to meet her needs. To nurture her heart and her soul and her dreams.

He cares for her and for the details of her days. Even at 6.5 He cares about her needs and her concerns and her struggles and her desires. He cares about her struggles with having a younger sister or having new ballet shoes that are the wrong color pink.

And so He entrusted her to me so that I could take her to Waffle House and buy her and her little sister chocolate chip waffles and let them laugh and play and smile. And breathe.

He cares for her.

He cares for me.

He cares for me as I watch her struggle because her ballet shoes are the wrong color and the dance class is doing things differently this year and change is difficult when your 6.5 and your feelings get so beyond B-I-G that you cannot understand them or control them. {heck, change is difficult no matter your age, sweet girl}

His thoughts about her number more than the grains of sand in the desert. He cares for her, He loves her and He created her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is complex and incredible and gifted by God.

my girl

I will celebrate her. I will empower her. I will walk beside her and shepherd her and I will speak life to her heart and to her dreams and to her soul.

Jesus, thank you.

Thank you for this incredibly sweet, incredibly fierce, incredibly spirited girl who reflects so much of you and so much of me.

My sweet girl, may you always know you are so much more than you can imagine at this moment because you are God’s sweet girl and you are created in His image. You are God’s masterpiece, my love. Wholly and absolutely God’s masterpiece. And when you forget that, I will be here to remind you.


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