{this post is part of an awesome Five-Minute Friday flash writing mob at Kate Motaung’s site, Heading Home. It’s fun, it’s freeing, it’s fearless.}

Today’s word: Ready


Get ready.

Are you ready?

I don’t think I’m ready.

For college.

For where this path is leading.

For Boston.

For the next thing.

For sex.

For waiting – for love, for sex, for commitment.

sweet gum ballFor my dreams.

For marriage.

For moving to Lexington, Kentucky {or Cincinnati, Ohio or Plainville, Massachusetts or Tryon, North Carolina}.

For teaching freshmen how to write at the college level.

For meeting your little girl, my step-daughter {what if…}

For turning 40.

For having a baby {or a second one}.

For pregnancy or parenting.

For what comes next. It’s prickly and unknown and scary and I’m just not ready.

We never truly feel ready, do we? I know I don’t. Especially when it’s about big things. Meaningful things.

But there it is. Set before us. And we can either turn away and say, I’m not ready, or we can run full force toward what God has set before us and claim it as ours. Just as He intended.

You might not be ready for the next step, the next small thing, the next big thing.

But God is.

God stands ready.

Even when we’re not.

Even when we’re afraid, shaking down to our core so that we can feel our teeth chatter in the tips of our toes.

Even when we don’t think we can.

God is ready. And He is holding out His hand to us. To you. To me.

And he’s asking…

Are you ready to thrive?

Because I’ve got news for you. It’s time. It’s your time.

Get ready to thrive.

Get ready.

Because things are about to get amazing.


What five-minute friday is all about: We are a community of bloggers who write on one word for five minutes and link up their posts and it is a lot of fun. No editing. Just writing. Then link up your post with the rest of the brave writers on Five-Minute Friday and encourage them by reading and commenting on what they’ve shared. {All the details for how it works are here.}


4 thoughts on “Get Ready and Be Amazing

    1. Thank you, Amber! Sometimes it takes God’s whisper for me to really get ready for what’s about to happen. And, boy, when He speaks, it really is about to get amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Awesome post and it’s so true. But like my post says … I’m ready for the next thing, done with this season. =) Here’s looking forward to what God has for us next.
    Blessings to you.

    1. Andrea, i’m definitely ready for the next thing. This is a challenging season for my family, but I’m thankful and blessed by the amazing community of FMF writers. Thank you for your words of encouragement, my friend!

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