(declares the Lord) ‘This is what I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt. And my Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.’ Haggai 2:5

Fear Not

Have you noticed that fear is relentless?

It’s something that you have to actively deflect, redirect, overcome and push past.

But here’s the Good News to which Jesus wants us to hold fast: my Spirit remains among you.

One of the amazing truths to which I cling is that Jesus, who was God, chose to leave His throne in heaven and enter our world. He chose to come as a baby. He chose to become helpless when He chose to become one of us. He chose to walk through this hurting, broken, sinful world.

And He did it without sin. In other words, He didn’t fall prey to the schemes of the enemy. He didn’t fall for the lies whispered in His ear by the evil one. He didn’t give in to fear.

When He chose to walk through this world He did it knowing He was not just walking through our world but that He was saving it. He did it knowing He was walking every day, every moment, to the cross.

And in that moment of His death, though He left, He remained: my Spirit remains among you.

God with us.

And so as relentless as fear can be, it is no match for an even more unyielding and mighty God who loves us.

So today, when fear nips at your heels.

When the enemy whispers his lies.

When you find yourself worrying.

When you want to give in to fear.

Hear the still small voice of Truth: Do not fear.

Know that you are not alone: my Spirit remains among you.

Know that you have the strength of Christ living in you and that makes you able to conquer that which you fear.

Take that, fear.


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