When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
    he brought me into a spacious place.
The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?
The Lord is with me; he is my helper.
    I look in triumph on my enemies.  (Psalm 118:5-7)

Fear Not

(26/365 days of Fear Not)

For this day, I meditate on this truth.

For this day, I claim this promise.

For this day, I cry out to God.

For this day, and every day, I give thanks that when I cry out to my Father in heaven, He hears me.

He brings me into a spacious place where I can feel the freedom of His presence and bask in the glory of His creation.

The Lord is with me; He is my helper.

As I move through the days of this life and live out the dream that God has given me, I revel in the knowledge that God helps me to be who He calls me to be.


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