Isaiah 53-5

In the quiet. In the in-between moments of parenting two little girls. In my heart. Truth stirs and beckons to be heard.

Today is the day. Today is the day that the end of Jesus’ life and ministry began.

It began with a meal.

It began with the washing of His friends’ feet.

It began with serving and loving.

It began with grieving and pleading and praying. With praying with such fervor that His sweat was drops of blood.

It didn’t end there, but we don’t know that yet.

In fact, we don’t even know that the end is coming.

All we know as we sit at this table this evening with Jesus and break bread with Him is that we are celebrating. Celebrating the Passover.

But we are celebrating so much more.

We are celebrating His love.

We are celebrating that He walks among us.

We are celebrating God with us.

From where we are today, we know that we are celebrating His sacrificial love. His mercy. His grace.

But for right now, I choose to sit with Him at table and share this moment. To share one more moment with Him as He teaches and laughs and loves.

And later, when He falls to the ground in the Garden to plead with the Father, when He is arrested, when He is scourged, then I will choose to reflect on what it will cost Him. Then I will choose to reflect on all that He lost.

Then I will choose to reflect on all that I gained. That because of His death I am redeemed. That because of His death, I live.

That I live with Him and in Him and that I know Him and am known by Him.


2 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

    1. And sometimes I need to stop and reflect on that because I forget just what He endured to draw me to Himself. Sometimes I need to stop and whisper, “Thank you.”

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