It brings to mind angels and stables and shepherds and weariness. Exhaustion, actually.

Because, those shepherds, out in that field that night, doing their ordinary, every-night job.

Outcasts. Riffraff. Lowly in stature. Working while the world slept.

But God.

By God, they were chosen, called, serenaded by a choir of angels and led to the stable where they were invited to meet the Creator who was born that night while the world slept.

But even more than this incredible moment, I see them in that field. I see them there, carrying on their ordinary tasks, keeping watch over their flocks in the middle of the night weary with sleep.

How tired they must have felt. Tired from long days and long nights. Bone tired in the middle of the night out in the middle of that field while the world slept.

Weary and fighting the urge to sleep in order to protect their sheep.

And this resonates deeply with me because I have felt that weariness in the middle of the night, up with my babes while the world sleeps. Up and fighting the urge to sleep in order to comfort and to nurture and to love and feeling tired and ordinary.

But God.

And that’s where God shows up, you know? In our weakness and our weariness and our ordinariness.

I take comfort in knowing that God showed up in the midst of a long, weary night and in the lives of some tired and weary shepherds. He shared His glory and His joy with them. He shared Himself with them, inviting them into His presence, to spend intimate moments gazing upon His glory.

How amazing that long before He spoke the words, “Come to me all you who are weary,” (Matthew 11:28), Jesus came to the weary. He came to those who were ordinary, tired, lowly and invited them to share an intimate moment of wonder while the world slept.

And He’s still doing that very thing today.

Can you hear Him? Do you hear His whispered invitation to you who are tired and worn out, inviting you to come and rest in Him?

He is inviting you to cast off the busyness and the idea of what Christmas should be so that you can revel in the wonder of what Christmas is: God with us. God in the ordinary. God in the tired moments of our lives.

God with us.

Won’t you come and adore Him and bask in the glow of His glory and wonder this Christmas?


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