According to the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas brings trees and trappings, singing and wrappings and noise. Noise, noise, noise, noise. So, he wants to avoid it however he can.

And, honestly, sometimes I agree. Sometimes, Christmas gets trapped by the trappings and lost in the wrappings and the silent night of Bethlehem seems nothing more than a clichéd idea I can’t seem to find because of the chaos surrounding me.

Of course, that night likely was anything but silent. There was a choir of angels, there were crowds and animals and family reunions as distant relatives came for the census and filled homes with conversations and laughter and arguments.

And there was a baby born, a mother’s cries in the night as she birthed her son and a baby’s cries as He was swaddled and held in His mother’s arms.

Yet above it all, the heavens. The night sky filled with silent stars, with one shining brighter than all the rest. One star inviting those who saw it to come and meet the baby Jesus.

This year, we added a star to our Christmas decorations and hung it where we could see it from both the living room and dining room.IMG_8151My 7 year old calls this our Jesus star; she says it looks like the star that must have been shining in the sky the night Jesus was born. And, once again, God uses my girls to point me back to Him after some long and wearying days.

For every time I gaze upon this star hanging near our nativity set, I am reminded of the miracle of the Creator entering our world; Emmanuel, God with us.

This bright star reminds me that because God is with us, with me, when I am weak, He gives me strength. And when I am weary, He calls to me, invites me to come to Him and rest in Him.

And I need rest. Rest from my weary thoughts. Rest from my worry. Rest from trying constantly to figure everything out. Because too often, life is moving so fast I feel out of breath.

And so, I rest. I breathe. I look at our Jesus star and I see Christmas in that stable in Bethlehem.

I look at that star and it invites me to come and kneel beside the shepherds and worship my King and to know that He is with me always, no matter the day’s circumstances, struggles or challenges or joys or celebrations.

God is with me.

That star. That night. Those shepherds. Those angels. A baby. A Savior. Christmas. When I take time to stop and reflect on these things, Christmas takes my breath away.


5 thoughts on “Silent Star, Noisy Night

  1. I like this post, it is so like me. I too have those thoughts and worries and figuring it all out. Phew, without ‘God with me’ I know I wouldn’t survive. Christmas is beautiful and leads right into Resurrection Sunday. Thank you for sharing your joy and grace.
    Hugs, Marsha

    1. God has given us the ability to bear one another’s burdens because life has so many universal moments. Thank you for letting me know that my words resonated with you; it makes the journey less a solo one.

  2. If nothing else could get me in the Christmas spirit, I think this could. I really like how you worked “Emmanuel” into your post. I’ve been thinking about exactly how wondrous and mysterious “God with us” is. Great post!

    1. Thank you! There really is something mysterious and wonderful about it and I’ve been trying to focus on that this month. I’m glad to know my words spoke to you.

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