I remember the first time my daughter played in the snow. We were living in New England and she was not yet one. New England was experiencing some intense snow storms and at the time, the snow was taller than my daughter.

The softness of the snowy surface gave her pause. Each step sank into the snowfall that covered the driveway and she looked to us for the assurance she needed to take each step.

Eventually, she climbed up on the sled we’d dug out from my parents’ garage and she thrilled at the ride that carried her over the snow.

We have since moved to North Carolina and snow storms are fewer and farther between. And my daughter is now 8, so the snow is no longer taller than she is. Even so, she marvels at the crisp clean white covering that overlays our yard and her steps still sink slightly into the soft surface.IMG_9037

But now she thrills at running through the snow as much as riding over it on our sled. She loves trekking through the unmarred surface and making her own paths through the fresh snowfall. It brings her such delight.

And as I watch her, I know that God is standing with me, watching her and whispering Truth to me: I am still His child, a daughter of the King. A child of the One who created me and created the snow that swirls and that faith that surrounds and uplifts me. He is with me when the path is not yet clear and before I have taken that first step.

Like my daughter when she was one, those first steps through the unknown give me pause and cause me to seek His assurance. But when He leads, my feet move on a firmer footing; though they may sink slightly, He is there to remind me that He is my God and I can trust Him.

And, so, I step and I trust and I delight in the journey (even when everything outside of my faith suggests otherwise).


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