IMG_8977Do you believe these words?

Yesterday I wrote that faith sometimes is as excruciating as it is hope-filled. When life is moving at the status quo, faith requires little from us.

But when life is moving at the pace of chaos and unpredictability, filled with unknowns and struggle, faith can slip through the fingers of what once seemed our tightest grasp. In moments like that, it can take everything we are to trust God and lean on faith rather than our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

And yet, God’s words stand. Always. His words remain steadfast; they are as true in the muck and mire of life’s circumstances as in the joy and delight and easier moments. Maybe even more so, because we need their truth more in darkness and struggle than in light and calm.

Because isn’t that when we tend to turn to His words and reach out for His promises and seek His presence? When life is at its least predictable? When our circumstances would have us believe that all is hopeless is when God’s faithfulness is our greatest lifeline.

So why do we go it alone? Why do we have such a strong need to figure it all out? Why do we choose to struggle, to battle the raging storm rather than seek refuge?

God stands at the ready, waiting for us to call on Him.

What are you facing today that you insist on figuring out on your own?

What if you stopped struggling and said, “I can’t.” How much stronger would you be in your weakness? How much freer?

What if rather than trying to figure it all out, you anticipated how God was going to work it all out for your good (Romans 8:28)?

I don’t know about you, but one thing I’ve found to be true always is that the greater my faith, the less my fear. When I am willing to give up the struggle and to cast my cares on God and let Him fight the battle while I rest in Him, I have nothing to fear. Fear comes when I am trusting in my own abilities which, honestly, do not stand the test of time.

Are you facing giants or storms in your life today? Know that God stands ready to be your refuge and, if we let Him, He’ll work wonders in our lives we cannot begin to imagine.


3 thoughts on “The Faith of Struggle

    1. I’m glad that my words were helpful; I find vulnerability on many of my days and God’s words are always there for me.

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