It’s Holy Week, and like no other time, my heart draws near to the heart of Jesus. Through the heart of His earthly journey in Jerusalem His life and ministry draw to its incredible end. My mind seems to turn often to His final days in Jerusalem. I want to be near Him. I want to be with Him because I want Him to know how deeply I love Him and need Him.

IMG_7547His end is drawing near. It will be excruciating in the suffering it brings to Him, and, yet, His end brings my beginning. My new beginning; a new beginning freely offered to me every time I stumble or fail or fall short or doubt or turn away. It is this new beginning in Him I covet every day. Because each day brings its own trials, challenges, and struggles, His presence in the midst of those moments provides me opportunities to witness His faithfulness, His unconditional love, and His unending, amazing grace.

Even so, I know that these gifts which are so freely given cost Him everything. Therefore as each day of this Holy Week ends and we move closer to the cross and the crucifixion, I find no words to express the emotion of my heart or the contemplations of my mind.

My mind places me alongside Him on His journey around Jerusalem. This journey to His death. As for my heart, it sees the depth of His passion and drinks deeply His human struggle toward obedience to the plan He and His Father created for just this moment.

And though I know this journey, His journey, leads to resurrection, I allow myself to embrace only this moment and to hear His words and wonder at their meaning. His discussion of faith and His words on the Mount of Olives. It calls to mind the unknowns and the fear this life brings to bear on the shoulders and hearts of each of us.

And it reminds me the importance of why faith matters. Why my faith matters.

Faith transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Faith infuses the mundane with the holy.

Faith breathes life into the weary.

Faith offers me countless second chances and new beginnings.

Faith reminds me that this man called Jesus, though He was also God, chose the cross, chose humiliation, chose suffering, chose death, so that I could choose life. Every day.

imageEvery day I can choose a life that is made new in Him. And so, today, my heart draws near to the heart of the One who loves me enough to die for me. I join Him on His journey as He moves through these final days in Jerusalem. He knows what’s coming and He invites me to come and join Him, at the table, in the garden, at Golgotha.

And with a heart both burdened and expectant, I come. I join Him for each step of this journey because I love Him and I need Him and I want Him to see that in my every step as I join my heart and steps to His.


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