Welcome to Winsome Wednesday, Friend. Defined simply, winsome is something cheerful, pleasant, and appealing, and, honestly, who can’t use a little bit more of that in their lives?

So, welcome. Take a few moments and turn off the To Do lists running through your mind, unplug from the busyness, and tune into your heart. Heed the invitation to be still (Psalm 46:10) and by so doing, relish the beauty and the pleasure that the Creator pours out into this world daily.

For some of us, including me, daily busyness tends to overshadow the winsome moments that abound all around us. So, to get us back in tune with the winsome side of life, here are a few images from my life that inspire me daily to be thankful and encouraged, and to set aside the busyness so I can drink in the blessings of this life God has so freely given to me.

Sometimes, lunch or dinner can give you a smile depending on with whom you are dining and how you arrange the food on your plate. This was my Funny Mother’s Day Lunch designed by my six-year old.


Sometimes, the mailbox brings a winsome piece of mail that both inspires and encourages you, and reminds you that you are a dreamer on top of all the other things you are every day. Remember, sending mail is as much fun as receiving, so send a note to someone today and bring joy to someone’s life.


Sometimes, getting up a few minutes before the chaos of life begins makes a cup of coffee feel winsome.


Sometimes, time outside doing something you love brings you back to that winsome place deep in your soul; the part of you that is stirred by delight in simply being and enjoying. For my girls, that happened to be the mud puddle at the edge of the woods. For you or me, it may be sitting on a porch swing and listening to the birds or hiking through the woods in the quiet of nature.


When we are tuned in to the world around us rather than the busyness that crowds in around us, we find that beauty, color, inspiration, and winsome moments are waiting for us to discover them, to drink them in like a cup of cold water and be renewed for the things still to get done. But be not fooled; not everything we think needs to get done, are things we need to do.

Sometimes, the thing we need to do is stop, be still, rest, and listen; listen to our heart, listen to our Creator, and listen to those we love. Sometimes, the thing we need is the thing we’ll miss if we don’t take time to breathe and be, just be.


So, Friend, today, I hope that you will take time to be; to be you; to be in the world; to be inspired by where you are and who you are with. I hope that you will take time to drink in the winsome moments and be refreshed. And I invite you to share those moments in the comments. I’d love to see what you discover when you take time to be still and just be.


2 thoughts on “Be Still and Just Be

  1. I have found that in my journey I’m so consumed by my “to-dos” that I’ve learned the importance of the habit of seeking the still moments. For me, it’s often a sunset on the river or a birdwatching hike. Even when those things slip out of reach, it’s amazing how grounding those everyday moments of wonder can be when you’re on the lookout for them. Thanks for the reminder, today!

    1. It almost seems contradictory to seek still moments, doesn’t it? And, yet, I find if I am not intentional in seeking stillness, I am far more weary at the day’s end.

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