Even if you’re not a morning person, there is something about the promise of new mercies and a blank page upon which to write your story that entices. Indeed it draws me from the comfort of my bed into the waiting day; I don’t want to miss out on what’s coming.

The sunrise itself brings with it the hint of hope and all things made new. Because with God each day is like New Year’s Day: you can begin again and you can declare who you will be. You can make a New Day’s Resolution and you can live it out boldly.


Take a moment and watch the sunrise. Behold the color, the beauty that beckons to you and bids you come and find goodness. And as you move into your day, know that ordinary moments  can provide you a glimpse of the sacred and the extraordinary and the Creator so long as you are willing to look for them. To discover them.


Don’t be afraid to step outside and seek the whimsy that nature affords when you least expect it. Bask in the joy and the laughter of life and nature and the knowledge that there is always a choice between complaining or giving thanks. Choose to give thanks and commit to hope.


Glance up from your tasks from time to time. Look out the window. Whisper a prayer. Watch the birds that remind us of the Creator’s care of us because though they be small, not one will fall outside of God’s care or knowing (Matthew 10:29-31).


Be the joy someone else needs. Leave your spouse a note, hug your kiddos, call the friend you keep saying you’re going to call. Extend love and grace and spread hope by the words you speak into others’ lives today. When you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in a too-long line at the grocery story or still in the waiting room well beyond your appointment time, whisper a prayer and recall the moments of beauty you’ve experienced already today, in the sunrise or even with that first sip of coffee. And choose to smile and forgive even if it doesn’t seem deserved (that’s the best kind of forgiveness, isn’t it?).


Remember it’s not all about work and how much you can get done today. Sometimes the best moments sneak up on you disguised as play or whimsy or unpredicted creativity. Share them. Bask in them. Let them renew your heart and your soul and unleash your inner artist, writer, singer, musician, dancer. Joy is contagious – share it and catch it often today.


Give yourself permission to explore and to try something new. Bake that recipe that you pinned three months ago. Toss out the boring meal plan that has you dreading dinner and make a dinner of snack and finger foods you know you all love. Consider taking your meal outside or have an impromptu picnic in the living room on a blanket. Make it about connecting and laughing and being together.


Whatever you do today, don’t miss the wonder and the blessings that God is offering you. Because it’s there, all of it: the beauty, the sacred, the extraordinary, the promises, the joy, the goodness of the Lord.

It is there waiting for you to discover it.

I’d love to know what you discover today; share your words and photos in the comments.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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