(…for my heart)

Every now and then, something comes across my path that ignites pure joy in my heart. Yesterday it was this video. Trust me, you don’t have to be a fan of Broadway shows or songs to enjoy this Broadway Carpool Karaoke clip with James Corden.

For me, Lin-Manuel Miranda embodies this idea of winsome, and together, this group is the epitome of delight. And I needed this yesterday to combat the anxiety that sat upon my chest like an elephant.

Maybe you’ve experienced a day when everything seemed bigger than what you were equipped to handle. Yesterday, that was me. You see, my husband and I are facing major decisions and changes related to his losing his job and determining possible relocation options that range from just a few miles up the road to somewhere altogether new and unknown. And these changes directly affect the choices we will make regarding our girls (one of whom has high-functioning autism) and their schooling and therapy needs.

In other words, there are many unknowns and those unknowns sometimes morph into stress and anxiety. As a result of all of this, I confess that I watched this Karaoke clip no less than ten times throughout the day yesterday.

Yes, I prayed.

Yes, I got still before God.

Yes, I read scripture and meditated on God’s Word.

And all of these grounded me in the truth that God is bigger than whatever I face.

Even so, peace eluded my spirit.

Until I saw this clip shared on a friend’s timeline on FaceBook, and it was a gift of fresh air and a reminder that sometimes the things of God are not ethereal or mystical but, well, Broadway.

Often, time with God is all I need to relieve worry and anxiety. But sometimes, God gives me something more, something unexpected to remind me that He sees me and He hears me and He cares for me. Yesterday, it was this video clip; it caused me to smile and see joy and forget the worries and unknowns that plague me.

The things of God come in unexpected forms: a phone call or text from a friend who is dear to our heart; a child’s laughter; God’s provision in a grocery gift card; a random act of kindness at the drive-thru; or a FaceBook video.

I’d love to hear what winsome things God provides you with today. Please consider sharing them in the comments in words or in pictures.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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