A Writing Journey

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Sometimes, I have to go back to the basics. Today, I’m putting Rewriting Destiny’s major chapters and their plot points onto index cards so I can see the whole picture of the story my characters are living.

As with many of my works in progress (and their are several and all remain half-finished), this one began with a writing prompt and I fell in love with the characters, Willow and Poppy. For me, their journey is a female version similar to the one that Sam and Frodo take in Lord of the Rings.

Each young woman has set off to rewrite her destiny as told her by the Ceremony of the Fates. Each believes the Ceremony has provided them a wrong path, one not aligned with their true gifts. Embarking on this journey and leaving their Village expels them forever from returning.

The journey is decided no matter the Fate they discover. As the writer of this story, their epic journey is mine as well as I travel alongside Willow and Poppy to the story’s end.

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