Who I Am

I am a writer.

(even when I’m writing badly or not at all)

I am a mama.

(I mess up, I make amends, I love unconditionally, I dish up grace)

I am a wife.

(a helper, encourager, voice of truth, partner, dreamer)

I am a daughter of the One True King.

(redeemed, empowered, designed for good works, created to create)

I am a New Englander.

(born and raised, lover of seafood and the smell of the ocean)

I am a North Carolina transplant.

(living in the mountains, putting down roots)

I breathe to the rhythms of tides.

(it soothes my soul and whispers to my dreams)

I move to the bustle of city streets.

(I feed off its energy and feel its beats in my heart)

I make rules; I bend rules; I break rules.

I mend hearts and make amends.

(mine, my girls, my husband’s, perfect strangers)

I run late.

(with missed steps and ticking minutes)

I miss the mark.

(I come close, I shoot wide, I refuse to quit)

I fall; sometimes too hard; sometimes too short. 

(even so, I get up again and again…and again) 

I get up late. 

(because I am tired, I feel lazy, I want a break, I need to pray)

I get up early.

(because I am rested, I feel eager, I want my coffee, I need to pray)

I take time; I find time; I make time;

(time for me, time with God, time to pray, time to write, time to be)

I steal moments and steel my soul.

I square my shoulders and face down fears.

(I will not be afraid because God says, fear not)

I create memories and space and beauty.

(I was made for such a time as this by my Creator)

I marvel at who I am created to be.

(a writer, a mama, a wife, a child of God, a friend, me)

This is me.

Tell me. 

Who are you?

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