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Have You Lost Sight of Your Life?

When we embrace our creative life, we become vessels of love, beauty, joy, hope, and encouragement for those who cross our paths.

Three things you can do to rediscover who you are meant to be

photo credit: A. Debus on Pixabay

It’s time to tap into your life. Don’t give yourself, your heart’s desires, just a cursory glance over the course of a day. Pause. Breathe deeply. See yourself for who you are designed to be.

Actually, don’t just see yourself for who you are designed to be — believe it. Embrace it.

How many of us fall into the routines of our days and lose sight of our true self? There are bills to pay. There are spouses and children and jobs and responsibilities. We joke about it, refer to it as adulting and dismiss the seriousness of it with a wave of our hand, as if we’re winking, when, in fact, we’re not.

Is this all there is?

This is not what we imagined for ourselves, this daily routine of the ordinary and the mundane, when we started our journey. If we are brave, we will admit the vision we had for our lives, in too many ways, doesn’t even come close to the life we’re living. If we’re honest, we will admit we’ve settled for smaller dreams and telling ourselves this is the best we can do.

But, is it? Is this the best we get?

I vote, no.

But here’s the thing. To get the best, you have to show up for your life. You have to give yourself more than a passing, cursory glance. You have to invest in yourself.

But how? What does that look like?

It’s about getting back to the truth. Here are three ways to do that.

Watch The Greatest Showman

photo credit: 1238720 on Pixabay

Maybe you’ve already seen this movie about P.T. Barnum starring Hugh Jackman, or, maybe, you’re like me, and you wanted to see it but haven’t yet had the chance. My husband and I only just watched it for the first time about three weeks ago. Since then, we’ve watched it twice more.

So, whether you’ve already seen it or have never seen it — get your hands on a copy and watch it. Revel in it. See yourself init. You are P.T. Barnum. You have a dream, a dream you’ve always had, but maybe you’ve lost your way.

It doesn’t matter.

Start again. Rediscover you. And, hey, if you happen to have gotten off track from the original path or idea, it’s not too late to correct your course. For a bit of encouragement, put on the soundtrack song, From Now On, and absorb the words.

Don’t follow someone else’s idea of who you are or what you were meant to do. Embrace you, as you were designed by the Creator and pursue your path. Let your creativity empower you to be who you are meant to be.

Listen to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

photo credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay

When I feel lost or uninspired or far away from who I am, I load this audio book onto my phone and listen to it. It’s read by Elizabeth Gilbert herself, and she is a gifted storyteller and audio book reader. Trust me, you will be transported by her voice and her ideas; they are a powerful combination.

What isn’t to love about a book inviting you to “creative living beyond fear,” the subtitle of her work. As you listen to her stories about creativity and our access to ideas, you will rediscover that part of you God created to create. You will yearn to dive into the act of creating and creative living.

Obviously, you can read the book (I have a paperback copy on my shelf and I flip through it often). But there is a different power altogether in listening to the author of powerful ideas whisper in your ear (I use earbuds) about creativity and creating and living a life for which you yearn.

Freewrite Daily

photo credit: Dean Moriarty on Pixabay

Years ago I picked up a book called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. One of the exercises in her book includes Morning Pages. Basically, they are three lined notebook pages done first thing in the morning by putting pen to paper; you spill out whatever is running about in your mind to allow yourself to head into the day with a bit more clarity and a bit more openness to the beauty and creativity in the world around you.

Julia Cameron says this about doing Morning Pages: “The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning Pages.

Before you dismiss this idea out of hand because it involves writing, please note, these pages are not about being a writer. They are all about tuning in to you — your heart, your soul, your dreams. As you show up each day, you remind yourself that you matter.

The beauty of Morning Pages is they are not intended for anyone to read. Not even you. If you are so inclined, you never have to revisit what you’ve scrawled onto the page. Consider them a cleansing process for you heart, mind, and soul, and move on.

Move on to the truth of who you are and who you were designed to be.

You Are Designed to Create

Yes, you. You are designed to create by the One who created something out of nothing. Whether you are creating space for a child who is having big feelings or creating a meal for friends to enjoy together or creating memories with a child or someone you love, you are meant to create.

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

When we embrace our creative life, we are not only more in tune with ourselves, but we become more in tune with the world around us. We become vessels of love, beauty, joy, hope, and encouragement for those who cross our paths.

Creativity opens us up to the sacred, the extraordinary, the unexpected. If you try even just one of the three ideas, I think you’ll notice, like I did, you feel differently inside. You feel a bit more real. A bit more yourself. A bit more alive.

In the words of Come Alive, from The Greatest Showman:

You stumble through your days
Got your head hung low
Your skies’ a shade of grey
Like a zombie in a maze
You’re asleep inside
But you can shake away

’Cause you’re just a dead man walking
Thinking that’s your only option
But you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day
Sun is up and the color’s blinding
Take the world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind
You’ll never be the same

So, what will you do today to tap into your life?

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