The Creative Life

When we slow down and tune into life, creativity reveals to us the sacred moments we might otherwise miss.

There are beautiful moments surrounding me all the time.
Books to read.
Sun filtering through the leaves of the trees.
People doing their jobs well.
My girls’ giggles.
Birds singing melodies to the rhythms of the cicadas. 
Pulsing around me and surrounding me and I celebrate the wonder of it, the energy of it.
I slow down, and tune into my world, myself.
I breathe it in and let it leak out in words and joy and gratitude,
in whispered prayers.
I listen to the still small voice, whispering His invitation to me.
I soak in it until its essence winds its way into my soul where it becomes the lifeblood of creativity,
giving light to words and truth,
sacred moments witnessed,
as my fingers feel their way along the keys
to capture life’s meaning in words.

photo credit: Anja on Pixabay

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