An Adventure in Hope

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It’s time to be bold. It’s time to believe in who I am created and called to be.

Almost every morning I watch the golden light of the sun spread through the woods outside my kitchen window. It starts as a small glow on a few leaves and slowly grows into a bath of light. 

That light signals a new day, inspires the songs of our backyard birds, and ignites the fullness of the day’s dawning.

And every morning as I stare out at this scene I am reminded of hope. I am reminded of the hope I have because God is always faithful, even when I don’t realize it.

The scene before me awakens me once more to His presence. Through the seemingly simple beauty of His creation, I know He is near, just like His word says He is.

In these quiet moments a peace settles on my heart and mind and I reflect on the hope I have in Jesus.

Even so, despite what I know and what I have watched God do in my life and how He has shown up in my darkest hours, my hope feels fragile, even tenuous. I know my faith has become stagnant. 

I know my faith is not strong enough or bold enough or big enough for the place where I am right now. It no longer fits me. It is no longer enough for my current circumstances or my fears or my dreams as I stare out at the New Year.

But I realize God knows this about me. I know we are beginning this new year together. This journey will provide me moments necessary to grow in my faith and trust Him more.

This morning as I watch the sun’s rays spread through these woods outside my window I see what this journey – this adventure – offers me. It offers me an invitation. It offers me possibility. It offers me hope.

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

Today, I boldly take the first step in spite of my fears and my fragile, right-now faith. I sense anticipation for dreams too long deferred. I feel hope stirring. I place my feet upon the path to which God is leading me.

Dreams and adventures require focusing on God more than what I fear; it means focusing less on my circumstances and more on His refuge and His plans.

It’s time to be bold. It’s time to believe in who I am created and called to be.

Let the adventure begin. 

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