Stormy Faith

Some scripture passages remind me I have more in common with the disciples than I realize.

Writing Can Be Hard

Sometimes when a writer says writing is hard, it has little to do with the words.

A Time to Thrive

We get to choose whether we thrive or simply exist. We choose by what we focus on and how we decide to live.

Heed the Whisper

A pinky promise with myself to accept the sacred invitation to create.

In The Shadows of Doubt

Spend some time with the Savior and experience Peter’s denial in a new way with this excerpt from my Lenten book, At His Dusty Feet.

The Heart of Writing

Each day is a blank page upon which to write your story. But writing a story that matters requires great risk. Are you willing to take that risk?

Hope Enough for Now

Sometimes, we want as much hope as it will take for us to get through our current circumstances. But maybe what we really need is hope enough for now.

Step One – Seek

Pursue your story with courage When words elude me, still I show up and seek them. Like a childhood game of hide and seek, I pursue them into the shadows, wanting to find them lest they avoid me too long. That is how writing can feel sometimes. Even so, I trust in the Source of […]

Foo(l) Fighter

For years my husband tried to get me to listen to the Foo Fighters, but I stubbornly refused. I didn’t have any good reason for it, except maybe a bit of pride – I hate being late to the party of a popular trend. At the time I met my husband, the Foos had only […]